day 522: be here, says the Eagle.

Context: Listen to this interview by an Eagle speaking through the inter-dimensional PORTAL. Yes there is a such thing called the PORTAL, one of a kind in this world right now, in fact the only one. Listening to her will forever change your life, well, let me correct, she won’t change your life, after listening to the shared insane common sense you will take on a journey that will in time change your life, by yourself, cool. anyways,   

Time to write tonight. I just sat down, its one of those nights, where nothing comes up, I even ask the question “why don’t I write when I have something great to talk about, I mean what’s the point of digging into topics”. Well, that’s the whole point about daily self-writing, its to dig within and see what the fuck is going on, what did I allow and accept, what kind of day its being, what were the positive and/or negative charges, what were my reactions, blames, all those subtle things I did today are the things to look/reflect and correct. I mean this is not a news-broadcast or a story board, here I am looking at my MIND (and the global mind) and see how to deconstruct the shit that exist in me and within this world. Through daily writing I get to see, realize, release, correct those stuff/patterns which I have accepted and allowed within me.

So basically I answered my own question, NO waiting for a great topic to talk about, I mean look at the subtlest things in one’s day, within that there should be a lot to write about. Obviously, somethings are not necessary for public sharing, in that case there is private writing.

I listened to a cool interview today, the consciousness of the eagle, it was part three I believe, in which the eagle says, when you see an eagle see the eagle NOT THE STUFF inside your head about the eagle, at which moment there are two realities, and you’re really not looking at the eagle. This makes total sense, I mean, here is an eagle, instead of looking at this physical/living/breathing thing, I go inside my mind and look at all sorts of knowledge and information about it, analyzing, categorizing, comparing, even commercializing, instead of being here with this living being. Interesting point, I mean imagine what we do to each other, hardly ever HERE completely, almost always looking at people through the pictures/knowledge/information of the past.

We are never really with anyone, only through mind-constructs. Anyways, something like that, worthwhile to listening to Mr. Eagle again, (not to mistake Mr. Eagle to Bernard, as it was one of his old forum-names in the olden desteni forum), no this is a real eagle speaking through the inter-dimensional portal.

Once I was talking this white friend of mine about racism, he plainly told me that he is not a racist or whatnot, it’s that he “never notice people of color”, meaning, they don’t enter his space of attention, sort of immediately gets filtered out through constructs in his mind, knowledge and information. He has no like/dislike/love/hate none of it, it just ‘those people are not there’. People are nothing just a construct in the mind and that’s it. In fact this is done for everyone not just for people of color, including self, when a life/living being is seen through a mind-thing, it is kind of a racism/XYZ-ism (to a lack of a better word). So the eagle has a cool point, be here with the eagle without the alternate mind reality of knowledge and information. I think “not been here” is the point, out of which all sorts of separations are born. Anyways. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to NOT BE HERE when I am dealing with others, humans, animals, children, material stuff, nature, instead go into an alternative mind reality where I look at things through the stuff inside my mind, in that, I am really not here, I am lost in the maze of my mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize a moment of presence, self-presence is a gift, in which separation ceases to exist for a moment, till the mind returns.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize even the material objects that are here, and seeing through mind-chatter which is uncool. Do material objects have a life-force? Do they have a presence? Well, everything comes from this earth, the original ingredients of any material object comes directly from the earth before man manufactured something out of it, therefore every material thing is ‘physical’ from the earth, hence of life-source, meaning, everything has a seed of life in it, hence, be with it, leaving the mind-chatter aside, share your presence with it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not share my presence/self with animals without a mind-chatter, in this I see/realize being with them through the noise of my mind is an act of separation.

When and as I see myself “gone, lost in my own mind” when I am dealing with humans, or animals or with a material thing that I am attending to, I stop, I breathe and I direct myself to be here, I bring myself back here, in this I support myself with breathing to come HERE. I see/realize the chatter of my mind, the back-chat, has separated me from EVERYTHING that is here.

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