day 535: good guys vs. bad guys.

HumanWhen and as I see myself feeling sorry, sad or pity for a person(s) who is victimized by another person(s) who is acting like a villain or bully, I stop, I breathe, and I do not take sides with the victim against the villain. I see/realize and understand feeling pity, sad, or sorry, or saying things like “oh you poor little thing”, “oh you poor victim”, “oh you poor this/that person”, any sort of pitiful/sorryful statements only indicate how degrading and unequal my view about them is, and it has nothing to do with ACTION to birth a win-win/what-is-best-for-all scenarios.

Obviously I am not validating or accepting the abuser/abuses, only NOT taking sides, NOT declaring war against the so-called bad guys. I have to stand equal and one with the lowest of the low, like how Bernard stood equal and one with the demons in the demon dimensions to the point where he was able to teach self-forgiveness to the demons and support them to rebirth themselves as life, obviously had Bernard joined forces with God/good-guys and declare war against the demons, that eternal battle would continued even now, and for eternity.

So I see/realize and understand feeling sorry/pity/sad is not acceptable, instead I direct myself to support/communicate and find solutions. At the same time I will clearly state to the abusers that their abuse is not acceptable. I mean, by no means, I will accept abusers to continue with their abuses. I will speak in a voice tonality that is not loaded with energy/emotions so that when I speak in self-stability they will actually hear me and see the common sense for themselves. Obviously I cannot force an abuser to stop his/her ways, I can only show/speak/assist in common sense.

I see/realize and understand, in this era of self-responsibility, each must see for themselves what they accept and allow, hence stop it within themselves. In this, it is my responsibility to stand as a point of common sense, and NOT react, NOT take sides against anyone. I mean if I keep on taking sides against others, then it will be an eternal battle, there will never be peace. This war must end with me, as I stop teaming up against others, as I stand as ONE, as Breath here. In that I am a voice for life, with life, stand equal and one to all, supporting all. Isn’t’ this what Bernard did? He didn’t’ take sides with anyone, even when he banned the abusers from the desteni forums, it was only to assist them to find their way back home, I mean, clearly Bernard didn’t’ accept abuse, he said NO, but there was no war, judgment as in GOOD VS BAD, GOD VS EVIL, only realizing that the mind-machine/ego is what doing the evil abusive things, which doesn’t mean the Being/life-force has become evil. This is the whole point of self-forgiveness, self-realization, and self-rebirth, it is the faith of a seed to move mountains, because the life-force in the abuser is seed-size and that seed is LIFE, equal and one to all, hence able to through a process of self-forgiveness to become fully life here removing all ego forevermore.

Therefore I see/realize and understand war against anyone is a form of war against that life-force, undermining that life-force, disrespecting life-force, dishonoring life-force, which is actually abuse, so what we essentially have is the original abuse is responded with more abuse, hence continuing the cycle of abuse. Again, clearly I do not accept the ways of the abusive ego, as I see I have a tendency to be “polite” as to not rock the boat too much, in that subtlety allowing the ego to continue its ways. So realizing the equality and oneness as life-force in all, I stand one and equal to the abusers, and direct them to see the abuse they allow as egos. In that no war is ever declared, only common sense support to another (as myself) to birth as life. The principle that life is equal and one in all is undeniable and has no exceptions. But all this starts with me, how I take sides, how I experience within myself when I take sides, so I direct myself to stop the moments within me when I take sides, I remind myself to be here, as ONE SIDE that is LIFE here.

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