India vs. Sri-Lanka: another world cup cricket finals, are you ready?

cricketAnother world cup final game of cricket between two cricket crazy nations, India and Sir-Lanka is unfolding. Cricket is an all-consuming pastime in the sub-continent, one thing that seems to bind the whole country for few hours. All politicians will unite putting aside their differences, all warring communities, religious groups, regional autonomy seekers, the communists, the capitalists, the religious, the rich and the poor alike, the low and high caste, the young and the old, men and women, the outcast, the priest class, basically the whole nation will in unison rise up in the pride of their nation to support and cheer their national team for few hours.

Strange you might ask, the same sort of passion is not applied to fixing national problems like poverty, unemployment, and whatnot, I mean the list of problems these countries faces within themselves are so enormous, not to mention the perpetual corruption that’s ruining basically everything. But hey, cricket and war alike will keep us all united and for sure our attention will not be on our internal problems, rather we will be thinking how to defeat the ‘enemy’ be in cricket or at war.

While the real enemy (inner-me) is burning down my own house. This is the nature of sports and war, it keeps us occupied and entertained much like the gossip channels in TV nowadays, we have got endless entertainment to forget real things. The winning nation will pour out in national pride, forgetting all local problems for a while. This is like taking some drugs that will last for few hours, we are given sugar to keep us entertained/occupied during the game.

Not much is spoken about the actual game itself, the mastery of it, how to bat, how to bowl, how to handle higher pressure situation on the field, how to handle fear of losing the game, I mean, at the moment Sri-Lanka is boiling within the fear of losing, as they have lost 4-5 finals consecutively, so has anyone really understood/studied how to handle fear? can provide ample tools and techniques on how to ‘remove’ fear and live a life of freedom, if you so dare to investigate your nature of fears. The game itself is awesome display of skills, and tactics, awesome to watch and enjoy, but unfortunately it is so linked to nationalism and so-called pride of the nation, to the point of ignoring every internal problem. Within this turning this great game into an en-mass drug for the whole nation.

I bet, tomorrow even those who are in their deathbeds will be asking for the scores, such is the passion for this game, but has it consumed and turned us into irresponsible zombies? Meanwhile the rich is getting richer and the poor getting poorer, and nobody cares to address that. The circus will go on, even if 80% of the country is living in dirt poor without basic needs of life like food, water, shelter, education, healthcare etc. I suppose that’s the very purpose of cricket, like a circus, it help us forget everything like a drug.

So bring it on, lets see who will be the world T20 cricket champions tomorrow. No matter who wins, you still have to pay your own bills. I wish those one billion plus cricket lovers tomorrow will pay the same kind of attention to what’s going on in this world and in their own countries. I wish they take same interest to study/investigate solutions for our world. So I urge and invite you to investigate for solutions, take part in the process of self-change, and world-change. I mean wouldn’t you agree, we should play and enjoy cricket not as an escape drug from our problems, rather as a real expression of ourselves, enjoying/expressing our talents and physical skills in playing this wonderful game.

I love cricket, I love everything about it, you bet I will be watching and cheering for ‘my team’, but I am very aware of my responsibilities to take part in changing myself and my world that I live in. Let the game of cricket not be a drug to forget the blues. Show the same kind of passion to fix this world, otherwise the current money system will ruin this world slowly but surely. So before your own life-innings is over, join us, investigate solutions, take responsibility, I don’t know who will be the winner of the final game, but I know one thing for sure, death ends every game.   

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