day 544: self-perfection

bernard-foto-de-perfilJourney to Life implies self perfection. Somehow I missed this point about self-perfection. So time to visit.

What does it mean to say ‘self-perfection’? I guess I can look at self-imperfection first. To me self-imperfection would mean driven by the mind, emotions, thoughts, feelings, memories etc, basically the mind is the boss, you never know what ‘mood of the mind’ is going to be, as it is very unpredictable and therefore unreliable. Certainly not a sign of perfection to say that something is unreliable, untrustworthy or unpredictable etc. self-perfection then is to walk through the self-imperfections and sort them out.

I was overtaken by sadness today. Then the question was asked from me was “could you ever NOT be sad if you allow and accept others and their actions to determine your inner state?” Great question btw thanks. Obviously if I allow and accept others to determine my state of being (sadness in this case), I will most certainly be sad all the time, because you never know what other minds can say or do. I mean there are 7 billion minds in this world, you never know who can do/say what to you. So the switch is within me, either I allow, or I don’t’ allow. Cant’ pick and chose people, either allow all 7 billion to destroy you or don’t allow anyone to ‘get inside you’ sort to speak. I mean, you must decide your well-being.

A complete stranger can throw some nasty racial drive-by-comment at me, am I going to take it all personally and knock myself down? I mean this is common sense, may be the fellow is drunk or whatever. This has at times happened to me, some car passing by and the passenger will stick his head out of the window and throw some nasty racial comment, I mean, it’s almost comical. 7 billion people out there, you never know what strangers can throw at you, but cant’ take them all personally. That would be one sad life to live. Now narrowing the circle a bit smaller, say from 7 billion to 1 or 2 humans, the same principle applies, I mean, you can either take them very personally and knock yourself down, or STAND UP within yourself, as life, as breath and NOT allow anyone to enter your inner space. Meaning, you decide what goes in, as they say, happiness is an inside job. Nothing can get in, unless you/I accept and allow it. Be it a parent, spouse, child, friend, co-worker, anyone, it doesn’t matter, they can only enter my inner space, if I allow them to.

Self-perfection is not allowing to be driven by the world, but still live in the world. What if all 7 billion people stand in front of you, and scream at you saying “you fucking ugly pig, go back to your country” or something more nastier, what are you going to do? I mean, it must be very hard to hear all 7 billion people throwing some nasty shit at you. Now imagine just only 1 human screaming that shit at you, is there any difference? I would say once the inner door is closed, none of them can throw their spite at you. Obviously you cannot stop them from throwing their shit at you, but you can certainly STOP their words from entering your inner space. Even if you have one thought about their shit, then, they have effectively entered your inner space. They won. This is self-imperfection, allowing and accepting others to determine who you are. Now you may argue that this person(s) is somebody you live with or co-exit etc, it doesn’t really matter, I mean, if you can have handle 7 billion humans screaming at you some filth, certainly you can handle 1 person’s shit. Because the key is within yourself, either you allow or you don’t allow.

So I commit myself to remind myself that I hold the key to my inner space, I am the creator of myself, my inner self. I decide what goes in, and what stays out. I decide myself. I decide the type of moment I want to live. Do I live in sadness, or do I live here practically getting things done, moving myself, doing what is best for all, etc. I decide who I am, or others decide who I am? Am I the master of my life, or others decide and dictate who I am?

Self perfection is becoming the self-master. This is not about arrogance, or ego or positive-thinking, this is about self-mastery, not allowing my thoughts, emotions and feelings to consume within me, specially when events, words, actions of others trigger them. I am still the creator of my inner space.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize and understand, I decide who I am, not others. I am the master of my inner space. I see/realize and understand 7 billion minds can throw any verbal shit at me, or just 1 person can do that, I am still the master of my inner space, I can STOP reacting to them. As I hold the key to self, myself, my inner space.

So I see self-perfection is self-mastery, is becoming the master of my inner space. I decide who I am. In this I support myself with breathing and NOT PARTICIPATING in my thoughts, emotions, feelings and memories. By allowing a past picture to be replayed over and over again, I basically letting them enter my inner space. So I can stop that, I can breathe. Just me, here, breathing, physical, water, food, nature, air, touch, words, me here. Nothing moving within myself.

Well then you may ask, am I being a god-damn robot? A zombie? Well, the short answer to that is, I am already a zombie as-is currently, hence I walk this journey from self-imperfection to self-perfection, my journey to life from being a zombie to aliveness.

You may still ask, what about intimacy with others? Start with self-intimacy. When you’re self-intimate, you’re naturally intimate with all, equal and one. BTW, intimacy doesn’t mean you have to allow others to enter your inner space and destroy you. Intimacy is simply the recognition of another as yourself. I mean you can be intimate with your janitor, or mail man. Intimacy is not a function of time or a relationship. Being self-intimate is the key to intimacy with all.

So back to self-perfection, yes, creating self into a self-master is self-perfection. In that, shit like emotions, feelings, and all that have to be sorted out. Memories, pictures, what-ifs, all that have to be sorted out. They cannot control you, fear cannot control you, by control I mean, they cannot enter your inner space. If you have fear of loss for example, then, you’re not a self-master yet. So this is a process, a journey from self-imperfection to self-perfection.

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