Day 546: Water is Angry

waterHas water become angry? That’s bad news. I ask this hypothetical question in relation to the ferry accident today in South Korea where 300 people are still missing. Then we have the mysterious Malaysian flight 370 buried somewhere in the middle of the vast Indian ocean.

We are seen a lot of water these days through CNN. Water being angry is bad news for another huge reason, as human body is 70% water, and who knows what that body of water could show/reveal/manifest. These are worrying times indeed. Perhaps the word ‘anger’ is not the right word, may be water is not angry, merely reflecting what we have accepted and allowed as humanity. Perhaps you could say water is ‘pissed off’ or ‘fed-up’ with humanity, and it has to find ways and means to SHOW US what the fuck is going in this world, at least what the fuck is going in the depth of our oceans, certainly we see mountains of garbage as search and rescue footages  are showing very clearly.

Water is alive, water is life, so it’s entirely possible it wants to communicate, say, scream at humans, telling us to stop the madness we have accepted and allowed. I for one, don’t’ believe these 2 accidents (missing flight 370 and today’ ferry accident) to be part of transportation business/risk etc, and hence somewhat ‘normal’ to have planes going missing or ferries capsizing. These are serious signs of our times. Water has been here on earth for a very long time to see/realize and understand that something is very wrong with our world today, and so may be water is reminding humanity to wake up.

We are getting to see a lot of rough waters nowadays. And don’t’ forget that very water is in your own human body, 70% of it. And who knows how/what that body of water might ‘show’ in time to come. No wonder in the news we see some strange behaviors in humans lately, totally random and bizarre/crazy stuff. May be, water is becoming directive? Water is water, be it out in the sea or in your own body, one force of life.

True, I am not exactly sure what’s my conclusion here is, but I can suggest one thing: take self-responsibility for yourself and for this world, its time we clean up ourselves and our world. Our responsible actions alone will calm the waters, till all is honored as equal and one. These are rough sailing times, don’t mess with YOUR water.

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