day 547: must self-forgive daily

self-forgivenessI commit myself to daily Self-Forgiveness, as the act of Self-Change in bringing Life to Earth as myself in every way required for all Life to be supported effectively equal. – Bernard Poolman

Reading above commitment statement from Bernard definitely reminds me how important it is to speak/write daily self-forgiveness statements. At times, I fall behind in this, though reading/writing other stuff, but not much self-forgiveness, which is the basic tool in this process.

So, I commit myself to daily reading and writing of self-forgiveness statements.

I commit myself to realize that self-forgiveness is the basic tool, the foundation upon which this process is build, therefore it is important I speak/write self-forgiveness daily, which as Bernard put it, is very courageous.

I have seen within myself sometimes, when I am possessed by some emotional energy, speaking Self-Forgiveness is the last thing that comes to my mind, and even if I do decide to speak some, there is a hesitation, as-if my voice is ‘held-back’ making it very hard to speak SF. Here again its up-to me, I am the directive force, regardless of how ‘heavy’ it is, I can still open my mouth and speak a forgiveness statement or two.

I forgive myself for not seeing/realizing that I can always support myself with self-forgiveness either by speaking or writing. I give myself this gift daily, as I see/realize self-forgiveness is the foundational tool to change myself. There is never a point too insignificant or small, I see/realize I have to forgive and let go even the tiniest things I have allowed and accepted within myself.

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