day 549: some words about blame

When and as I see myself blaming another because I am in some emotional energy possession, I stop, I breathe. I see/realize and understand regardless of how it appears to my mind at that moment, even as I am convinced 100% that its their ‘fault’, I do not direct myself to blame another, because I see/realize and understand in blaming another NOTHING get resolved.

As I blame, the other person goes into hiding or protective mode, first and foremost they want to protect themselves from getting hurt my blame, which results in creating more barriers instead of breaking the barriers. So blame is not the way even though it may look like the perfect thing to do. Blame actually only makes me feel good for a moment. Blame gives me the feeling of power and release for a moment. I feel better for a moment, I feel good for a moment, I feel in control for a moment, I feel almighty for a moment, I feel great for a moment, after a good round of blame dumped onto another.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to still latch onto blame pattern, and justify my blames. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize and understand, I am still allowing blame with justifications, still stepping into BLAME as an acceptable behavior, mental/emotional pattern. I must realize, I cannot ever blame anyone for anything. Yes I can show/indicate the facts/points and consequences to another and assist them to realize their part in the whole scene, sort of assisting them to take self-responsibility for a given point.

BUT by me blaming I am only ridiculing them, or attacking them, blame is kind of a resistance to something happening here, as I resist (blame) it persist. What you resist persist, what you blame persist also. So when and as I see myself all ready to BLAME another, armed with perfect justifications, I pause, I pause, I pause, I do not allow myself to carry out my mission, instead I breathe, and stabilize myself here.

I mean, another way to look at this is, I am walking this process, everyone is walking their processes, hence it is my responsibility to support them, and certainly blaming them is NO support at all, it will only break them down. And I do not accept myself to break down people, even when the ground of evidence is perfect for it. I would consider this: how is it I would like to be supported if I am in their shoes? Accordingly direct myself to support them as I would like to be supported, and clearly I don’t like to be blamed by anyone for anything.  

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