day 550: Sailing Self-perfection

waterSelf-perfecting is an ongoing moment by moment nonstop journey. I mean, things are on the face constantly, but the key is non-reaction, to remain breathing and clam. If I were to react to anything then the lessons would have to be repeated, time-looping. Everyone is a mind, well myself also, so minds reacting to minds, call it a drama.

Not getting caught in the drama is a real-skill and real-living, I mean, otherwise all I would have done in my life is participate in dramas, actions, reactions, counter-actions, counter-reactions etc, real living is missed entirely in that drama. Real-living is not escaping the drama either, rather living in it without being a reactive force. A being that does not react, you could say, is a real being. Because he/she doesn’t react, but fully participate in the drama, and moreover is directed by the principle of what is best for all.

I am looking at some images from the South Korean ferry disaster, all the stuff that’s going on there, rescuers battling so many factors, risking their own lives, and then having to deal with the growing anger the parents are showing towards the authorities. Hopes are fading, bodies are being pulled one by one, politicians are pointing the finger at each other, and now the Captain is charged with criminal negligence. The whole scene is pretty chaotic, so within this context, to remain calm, non-reactive is a skill indeed. It’s literally like being at the eye of the storm, not to mention the extremely rough waters/waves constantly at you, basically everything is compounding.

Now shifting the focus from the ferry disaster to my own personal life situation, I am facing more or less similar changing dynamics, meaning, its like I am in the middle of a storm, eye of the storm, dealing with people, their moods, my own moods, deadlines, missed deadlines, blames, angers, rejections, charges, disappointments, money-worries, I mean, stability is not a word I would describe the dynamics of my life situation on a day-to-day basis, also not chaotic at the same time, it just a lot of unknowns, unpredictables. But in all that, I see the gift, the chance to remain here, as me, as breath, not reacting, but directing, considering what is best for all.

In all that drama, I have to watch myself, stay within myself a lot more, because I swing a lot in moods, contributing to an already chaotic scene. Wherever you’re relax, Calm down, take it easy. Easy to say, but how? Breathe, fully breathe, feel the body, don’t’ participate in back-chat, don’t’ blame, look at things for what they are, look through the physical eyes, not through the mind’s eyes, give up judgments, ideas, opinions, what-ifs, “how things should be”, and the big one is: self-pity, take time to listen/hear to others, its a cool form of support, in this storm, nobody has the time nor the ability to actually LISTEN/HEAR to another properly, its a rare thing indeed. Stay focus on what’s on hand, get down to physical, stay focused, get the job done, keep the attention within the body also, not get lost in the outside 100%, breathe with self-awareness, that’s the key, not becoming a stranger to thyself.

While the ship was listing pass ten degrees, the Captain could have ordered the evacuation, at least request the passengers to get ready to abandon the ship, a state of readiness would have helped save many lives. Moments are critical, as the ship tilted pass forty some degrees he must have been worried about the safety of the passengers trying to escape from the lower decks to open areas, I mean, so much must have gone through in his mind, the tension, the fears, the anxieties, others screaming for their lives, Captain himself panicking for his own life, I mean so much going on at the eye of the storm as the ferry sank. Not much different to how day-to-day life is lived, because more or less the same tensions are there, just less severity of course. Living life is like being in a disaster zone, so much is going on, yet you’re expected to remain calm, breathing, and you should, otherwise, like the doomed Captain, you will make the wrong calls, or delay the right calls, and then face consequences later.

You see, you cannot escape consequences. Certainly don’t’ recommend suicide either, like that school vice principal, he couldn’t bear the guilt of surviving, so he took his own life. That’s insanely stupid. See the common sense, self-directing, no reactions, simply directing for the best outcome, for this back-chats must stop. Breathing awesomely helps. It grounds you here, in your own body.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize and understand that I am here in and as my body, my breath, I remain here, I don’t’ need the noise within my mind to tell me what to do, as I am here, breathing, physical. I can direct the course of my life-ship through all the storms that comes every moment. And nothing personal here. Storms are gifts to expand and sail through my process of self-perfection. I mean, walk in the park would be a very boring process. 

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