day 558: Buddhist-Muslim SinHalal war in Sri-Lanka.

seaI suppose SinHala race is becoming SinHalal. 

Fascinating to see how the followers of Islam and Buddhism are at each other in Sri-Lanka nowadays. 25 years ago when I left Sri-Lanka, these two religious groups appear to be at peace with each other, I suppose at that time the common enemy was the Tamils (and the Tamil Tigers), after the defeat of the Tamil Tigers perhaps certain boredom must have kicked in within the country. Not having an enemy is a very boring thing indeed, you see, the enemy unites all and gives everyone a national common purpose and pastime, and never have to self-examine what the hell is going on within oneself.

So, recently new forces of Buddhism have emerged within Sri-Lanka, whose sole purpose seem to be targeting the minority Muslims. They seem to find the most silliest of reasons to ignite anti-Islamic feelings within the majority Sinhalese in the Island. Obviously the post-war era has created lots of hungry dogs who got nothing better to do with their silent guns, so a conflict situation is a godsend indeed. Myself I am a Tamil in ethnic origin, so watching these recent developments between Buddhist and Islamic groups is something refreshingly new indeed, I dare not say heartwarming.

It’s amazing how devoted and maniac people can become when it comes to defending their petty religious identities. I am yet to see any videos or speeches about the living conditions of the Muslims or Buddhists in Sri-Lanka by their so-called religious representatives, all we get to see is their war-like defenses and attacks of the other.

What are the living conditions of the Buddhists in Sri-Lanka today? What are the living conditions of the Muslims in Sri-lanka today? I mean what is the quality of life for these religious communities within Sri-Lanka? These are the questions to ask and find solutions for, instead of barking at each other like mad war dogs.

Islamic preachings by the so-called Sinhala speaking Muslims have gone haywire too, they seem to want to convert everyone to Islam, but never will talk about improving the quality of life for their own followers. I mean how insane is that, to endless talk, preach, lecture, discuss about an unseen GOD and even go to war in His name, while your own people are living under extreme poverty here on earth. I suppose they will say “its God’s will”. That’s the greatest trap, the will of GOD.

So, perhaps soon there will be another bloody showdown in Sri-Lankan soil, this time it will not be between two animals: Tigers and Lions, rather it will be between two Gods: Allah vs. Buddha.

I think I will feed some forbidden roast pork to the Buddhists and holy-cow beef to the Muslims to entice and encourage them in their holy-war against each other. Can’t wait for this bloody showdown to start!!!!

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to follow religions and start wars in the name of an unseen GOD, while the world here is going to the dogs.

I commit myself to dismiss and denounce all religions from the face of this earth because I see/realize and understand, as long as there is even one child goes to sleep hungry, there is no room for any GOD in this world.

I denounce Buddhism and Islam unconditionally.     

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