day 559: ‘bad days’ can be gifts

writeTime to write. Just write. Because writing is self-investigation, self-intimacy, into-me-i-see. Mind you, this is self-writing, not writing for any readership or audience, others however may find some support from here, or may not, that’s secondary, but it matters I write myself to freedom here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I had a bad day today, within that I forgive myself for looking to blame another for the kind of day I had today. In this I see/realize and understand, how I have placed others as custodians for me having a good day or not. It’s all up-to them, whereas me at the mercy of others, this is unacceptable. I mean, everyone is a mind, hence incredibly unpredictable and untrustworthy. So taking them personally, or taking their words personally won’t help anyone, so I breathe and let go. I realize everyone is also LIFE, hence we equal and one, within that level, that constant oneness, that life force level, we are equal and one. Mind cannot see that, and doesn’t operate at that level. Mind is up there, in heaven, mining energy from the body and doing its madness. But the life force, slowly but surely is eaten away by this parasitic mind conscious system till the body is left with no more life-force, and at death the mind disappears too, but until then, it rules/ruins.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take others seriously and take their minds seriously, within that not seeing/realizing their MINDS are ‘made in hell’, so taking them personally is not supporting them at all, in fact, I am only reaffirming the power of their mind conscious system, meanwhile, denying that which is eternal and greater within them, the life-force. Here I see/realize, in communicating with another, have to speak to their life-force, not to their minds, I mean, “their minds” will not listen anyway, as it will only listen to its own version of the story, so have to direct them to ‘see’. Its part of my responsibility to direct others to ‘see’ without taking them personally or seriously. My words must support them. 

Tough times, they are also gifts, I mean, a walk in the park would be a boring process indeed, so tough times are here to support me, I see/realize that I must utilize them to stabilize me, to shift my awareness from level 2 to 3, meaning, to be able to direct the mind points, instead of being directed by them. Self-stability is a great gift to self, I mean, how else will I reach self-stability, it is through tough times, bad days, though I don’t have to take it in so personally and cause suffering for myself, it’s all up-to me, I can breathe, I remain here, I support myself to be in/within my body. This is my self-responsibility, to direct myself and direct others, but asking them to make me ‘happy’ is in fact giving their minds more power to abuse, so ‘make me happy’ is an inside job, self-responsible job. I am direct myself. So, I am here, though its being a bad day, I mean, I have to use its badness to assist me in my process, to bring stability to myself and others, as much as I am responsible for myself, I am also responsible for others and their minds, this is a point I have to further investigate, how to take responsibility for the minds of others, first I know, I have to take responsibility for MY MIND, anyways, thanks for reading.

That’s it for tonight.    

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