day 560: Ants changing the Giants.

RoyFor context, read this story.

Sharing is important. Today I was reading a story about the Ant and the Giant, as written/told by an inter-dimentional being through the Portal, basically the Ant realizes that he must stand as an example of self-change, within that assisting other Ants like himself, and the future Ants yet to come into this physical reality. While never confronting the Giant, or going into war against him, the Ant realize that when all Ants standing together as an example, they can communicate with the Giant for a solution that is Best for All, for a happy co-existence.

So one Ant’s sharing of himself and his process/realizations is a key component in this equation. Very nice to read this story, I mean, sometimes, you want to fight the Giant (this abusive world system or its agents), but it is of no use, we as the Ants cannot fight the Giant, however, we can first come together, in self-realization and then start the process of changing the Giant. 

Slight change to the story, in our case, the Giant is not a being, it is our collective acceptance and allowances, so as we change, we change the Giant. 

For now, walking your process daily, and sharing your process, sharing your realizations is vital, because in that all the Ants of this reality (humanity) will come together and stand together before we can ‘take on’ the Giant.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I must be some super-hero to change this world.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that only those who are in the positions of power and might can change this world, hence I forgive myself for believing that I am nobody.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to dismiss the power of the small Ants and believe that only the mighty Giants can make things happen.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize, my responsibility lies in walking, sharing my process and standing as an example for other Ants to follow, and looking to ‘take on’ the Giants is irresponsible and plain stupid.

So Ants of this world, join us, first walk this journey into yourself, into life, learn to take self-responsibility, learn to investigate your own acceptances and allowances, then change yourself, start sharing, start standing up, become an example, so that all Ants may stand together one day.

But it starts with you joining us first. The Giant is here because we have created it, accepted and allowed it, it is our very creation, so by changing the Ants, us, we change our creation, the Giants.

I commit myself to share my process. I commit myself to share my realizations, I commit myself to share common sense. I commit myself to speak up, to write, to share about the Giant, the system that we have accepted and allowed, not as in going to war against it, but to stand equal and one with it, and then, directing to change it. I realize that my power to change the system, the Giant, lies in sharing of myself, and standing as an example for other Ants to join this process. No wonder my name is Ant(on), I am an Ant, and I must share to bring On others to this process, as our power lies in standing together.

Note: I have great respect for author Arundhati Roy but her views about ‘confronting’ the system may be misleading, perhaps she does so due to sheer frustrations about what’s going on in this world, anyways, like the Ant, hopefully she will come to realize, standing up, sharing, self-changing, becoming an example to bring many more to this process is far more important than battling the Giant. The Giant is here to stay, until we stand up, then we change it, as ourselves.       

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