day 561: “a bum on the street”

For context, please read this desteni article.

Breathe. Reading some early desteni articles, pretty cool stuff. I find reading them out aloud helps, to really integrate the information within and as myself. Today I read about “bum on the street”, essentially when you assist a bum on the street, you’re accepting and allowing him as less-than who he really is, life. And you’re reaffirming his own accepted and allowed self-definition as a ‘bum on the street’. Also, in supporting that person you’re affirming your own fears relating to money, not having money, ending up in the streets etc. (now not saying don’t’ assist the fellow with a cup of coffee or anything like that, but do assist with the realization of what’s involved here).

Obviously this is a point I need to study further, if I am seeing him as some bum on the street, as a lesser-than, that’s not cool. Perhaps assist the person with the realization that the real solution is in fact changing the current system and this person taking self-responsibility for himself. Obviously, don’t’ support self-irresponsibility. After all, those bums, they are asking for a ‘change’. This is cool, so next-time a bum on the street ask me for a ‘change’, I will suggest him to take self-responsibility by applying self-forgiveness, after all that’s where the real change is found.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize and understand, the bum on the street is no lesser than who I am, in fact, he is equal and one as life as me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize and understand, when I give him a quarter of change, I am accepting him as less-than who he really is, life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize and understand, after all, the bum on the street is asking for a ‘change’, not just coins, a way to change his life. In this I see, that I can share a moment of common sense, give him a point of assistance, so that he can direct himself to find the ‘change’ he so begs. I realize I have to trust myself in that moment as I speak, because here a hungry homeless bum possibly at the rock bottom of his life, and me sharing common sense could come across as a ‘preacher preaching the gospel of the rich to a dying man’, hence I see in self-trust I can speak a few words, which could support him to find his own ‘change. I see the moment the bum ask me for a change of quarters, it is also a moment, a window to plant a seed of change in/within him, however I realize in his own time/journey he will actually find the ‘change’. But merely giving a quarter of change and moving on is rather ‘careless’ on my part. Obviously pushing common sense down into his throat while he is starving to death here on the streets is not very wise either. So self-trust, self-honesty and practical common sense, I mean so many factors to consider here.

Anyways, accepting anyone as less-than who they really are, as life, is not the way to go. I recall how Bernard accepted me even when I fail to see myself as that. Cool.


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