day 563: practice self-presence

imagesFor context please see this blog today about Self-Presence.

Yes cool to read that blog about self-presence. I need that reminder. I mean, so easily lost in the mind/head/alternative realities, always gone somewhere, but never here. So self-presence. Nice.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to neglect myself because I am never here, always gone into some alternative reality, automatically, not that I direct myself to ‘see’ as in supporting myself with constructive imagination to ‘see’ the play-outs/outcomes etc. I realize I am often lost in automatic thinking hence alternative realities. So self-presence is cool, because it grounds me within my human physical body. Breathe/breathing is cool in this regard, breath by breath, moment by moment, I commit myself to check if I am here as in breathing or not. NO self-presence means something else is running the show, can hardly call it as ‘living’.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to deliberately get lost in alternative realities because it feels so good, because it’s what I have been all my life, lost in the imagination of the mind, so it’s very familiar to be sitting inside alternative realities. Within this I see/realize, breathing and self-presence is vital. I sit for like 8-9 hours a day at work, am I really here during those hours? I do use imagination as a constructive tool to ‘see’ solutions for problems etc, but how often am I lost in automatic alternative realities? Almost always. So here is a cool self-support point for me at least during work hours, when I am sitting all those hours, I can utilize that time to practice self-presence, by breathing with awareness, directing my attention/awareness within me as I breathe. In that way, I am here, in the body, aware, and NOT lost in mind-alternative realities.

So time to practice self-presence. I commit myself to direct myself as often as I can through my work hours to deliberately push myself into practicing self-presence by becoming aware of my breath/breathing, in that way assisting myself to snap out of sitting in alternative realities. Be here, come here, be home, be in the body/breath.

Cool, that’s it for tonight. 

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