day 564: some ranting about purpose of life

self-forgivenessBreathing. Breathe. Breath. Body. Here. And then there is the mind. Tendency to blame the mind is not cool, I mean, it’s not the mind its at fault here, it’s me, I am the director, I am the one who accept and allow, and permit what’s going on within me. I let the mind take over me. Mind doesn’t have power over me to influence or control me. I have the power to decide. I allow and accept what pictures to entertain within me etc, I decide what shows play within my mind’s TV screen. I mean I can always so say NO and STOP the show.

Self-directive. There is no other god but man, in terms of self-direction and giving direction/purpose to myself, my life. There is no god to give me purpose, or direction. I must decide my direction and my purpose. What am I waiting for? Whom am I waiting for? Waiting is a weight, its insane. Do I need a purpose? Do I need direction? I am still alive, I am here, so my efforts to change myself is a great purpose, within that giving direction to change this world is pretty awesome too.

But what the system define as ‘purpose’ or ‘direction’ is rather misleading, ask anyone “what’s the purpose of your life?” You will get a nicely packaged response. I mean everyone seems to want a nice house, nice job, nice car, nice family, nice kids, etc, etc, seems pretty boringly robotic. Not bashing having such things here, but there must be something more, don’t’ tell me because you have a nice house now you have achieved the purpose of your life, that’s pretty lame/limiting, it may be so having a nice house will enable you to seek something greater, may be.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am lacking in purpose. Not seeing/realizing, mind is never satisfied, its constantly looking for something more/greater more profits etc.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe in the system’s definition of what a purpose should be, nice house, nice job, nice car, nice family, nice kids, nice this, nice that. Not seeing/realizing, I am living here, and I have the ability to direct myself to change myself, my nature and thereby participate in changing this world, which is in a state of monstrosity.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to never ask the question why is that everyone universally seems to have more or less the same purpose? How did we get such programming. Within this I forgive myself for subscribing to the purpose given by the system within this never considering what the fuck is really going on in this world.

Then what is my purpose? First and foremost, ending my brainwashing, hence changing myself is a great purpose, in fact it is a must. Without me changing myself I cannot ever be a voice for this world. A drunk man cannot speak of banning alcohol, so I must change myself to end all brainwashing that I have accepted and allowed within myself. Obviously then to stand up as an example, speak up, share, discuss, vlog/blog, and bring others into this process. There is a process underway within this earth and it is my/our responsibility to share this with many so that they too will walk this.

Changing this earth is a great purpose, isn’t’ it, much more substantial than buying your house, so I would say, buy your house and take part in changing this world. Just imagine the number of interviews, writings that Bernard has left for us. Would you say he had a great purpose in life? Obviously, he understood the problem and wanted them changed, both within and without, micro and macro. There is no outer change possible without the inner change of man. For this must be my purpose, changing myself, perhaps need to speed up on it, more dedication, more commitment, more writing, more speaking etc, because my change, your change is vital, they are the building blocks of world change.

Within this I see to be “consumed” by personal “issues” is rather out of line with my purpose. I mean a whole lifetime can be spent in “personal issues”. It’s almost like a full-time occupation to be “consumed” by personal issues. Life is not a vacation at the beach, where we just sit and watch the ‘world go by’, not at all, in fact, quiet the opposite, like a busy bee, like a shooting arrow, move yourself, self-move yourself in a direction that meets this great purpose for self-change and world-change. Only way to recruit new people to desteni’s message is to live the message, be an example. Imagine what sort of example Bernard was, seeing/hearing him as a living example what got many of us so interested in the desteni message/process. So being an example is a great purpose. Share the message, spread the message, there are people out there who are really interested in the desteni-like messages, it just they have to ‘discover desteni’ just like how we discovered desteni.

This is a great purpose, to bring the message of desteni to all corners of the earth, and those who are ready will jump on board right away, and for that, I have to dedicately  walk my process and actually change myself. Preachers don’t’ change the world, nor people. We have got more preachers than frogs in this world, yet no real change in people’s lives, but with one Bernard Poolman we can see a growing number of people changing their lives and soon will change the world. All started with one man standing as a real living example. So that’s a purpose I like to have for myself. Cool. That’s it for tonight.     

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