day 567: Emily the prostitute

girlsFor context, please read this.

Sad to read Emily’s story above, how from desiring to be a college educated person she became a prostitute and at 47 committed suicide while pregnant. All because of money, as she felt with money coming short, neither her nor her unborn child will have any chance, hence killing herself was her choice. Obviously in the dimensions, she realized her self-responsibility to change what we have accepted and allowed here.

I mean, you can’t just pull the plug and hope things will change, we are the problem, we are the system, until we change ourselves nothing will change. How many more Emilys must give up their dreams of going to college and instead become prostitutes (and possibly kill themselves) before we take self-responsibility to change our selves and eventually change this world of money into what is Best for All. I don’t think any parent will wish their daughters the life of Emily, yet we allow it for other children.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience sadness when I read Emily’s story, within this I see/realize and understand, that sadness ain’t going to change a thing.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate in a system that permits prostitution and within this I forgive myself for being a co-creator of prostitution. I see/realize I have a self-responsibility to change myself so that I can take part in changing this abusive system which is now prostituting the entire humanity and animal kingdom in the name of profit-making, as the whole planet now is one big whore for the elitists to make profit out of, and I am accepting and allowing it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize and understand, everyday I am participating in prostitution, by participating in this abusive profit driven system of money, and thereby I am accepting and allowing the creation of prostitutes. Through our participation we ‘fucking’ this planet in the name of profit.

This is not about blaming the system or anyone within it, it’s about self-realizing how fucked up everything is because of MONEY which is the ruling GOD here. This self-abuse must be changed, and that change starts with you/me, by changing ourselves.

It is profoundly sad to read her life story, but I am sure, sadness is not what Emily wants from us, but self-change, action and direction so that there will never be another Emily in this world forevermore. 

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