day 568: India’s Narendra Modi wins, but can India win?

modiAfter a decade of corruption and mismanagement, I can understand the excitement Indians are feeling about the victory of Narendra Modi today, new beginnings always bring that ‘feeling’ of hope and excitement, but unfortunately such feelings do not last too long, let me not spoil the party for you, so congratulation on the election victory of this new leader. Here are few questions to keep in mind should you forget what real-change is:

Never forget, no change is real, until no child goes to sleep hungry and/or homeless. As you know, millions experience this daily in India.

Never forget, water is a human right not a commodity, so is education, healthcare, housing, and right to employment, whereas his “pro-business” model may only reward the “winners” and the rest will have to scramble for survival like they have been for decades.

Never forget, readiness for war be it nuclear or otherwise, is not a sign of change, its more of the same in different form.

Never forget, until respect for all life is restored through practical policies and procedures, hard to speak of real-change, but I understand this is a lengthy process, so he may plant some seeds for real change to come in future, for that, I am willing to give Mr. Modi the benefit of the doubt.

Mr. Modi is promoted as a “pro-business” leader, not that I have anything against business, but I fail to understand what could make a “pro-business” man a great leader in terms of what is Best for vast majority of Indians? We understand majority of Indians live “poverty”. The term “pro-business” must be further investigated, as it could also mean less concern for worker rights or environmental issues which are raging in India now. There is also the danger of neglecting even rebuking social, environmental concerns all in the name of profit-making by the “pro-business” forces. Obviously the stock markets have responded positively, some made a quick buck already.

Should a leader be judged by the profits he return or even by the number of jobs he create? Wouldn’t that be a shame. I suppose judge a leader by the reducing numbers in homeless people, number of starving people, number of people waiting without basic healthcare, number of people without access to water, or basic education, things that really matter, as life itself depend on such indexes. 

Judge the leader by the care he shows for the people through the policies he will implement that are Best for All, it would be insane to judge him by the profits CEOs and friends will make, unless Mr. Modi is the new CEO of India Ltd.

The road to birth what is “Best for All” is long and thorny not easy, but the seeds he will plant during his term will show in which direction Indian population is heading, remember, the rich will always do well no matter how chaotic the country is, it is the poor who needs a system of support, unfortunately even the bailouts have been popularized only for the rich and demonized for the poor. Long road ahead indeed for the “pro-business” leader, so good luck and congratulation. Keep in mind, “What is Best for All” is a good principle to lead by.

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