day 571: crazy thoughts

voiceFor context, please read this article.

Thoughts can drive you crazy, well a lot more than crazy, in fact murder, rape, war, all that stuff are results of ‘thoughts’. So learn to snap out of the insanity of crazy thinking. See that fascinating article from desteni above, which goes to explain some of the insanity going on within the human mind. As I read it, I felt a sense of responsibility to hold my own crazy mind and its crazy thoughts, I mean, that’s where responsibility beings for self and for others. As I stop my own thoughts, then may be, I can assist another. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize and understand, stopping my thoughts is an act responsibility towards myself and others.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize, anytime I am thinking non-practical thoughts, I run the risk of being a danger to myself and others. Because crazy thinking is creating zombies nowadays, which is a danger to oneself and others. Mind is becoming physical for all to see which is so evident in the news lately.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize, even the small act of ‘crazy thinking’ has consequences to myself and others, hence there lies a great responsibility to stop the crazy thinking.

Obviously thoughts show what exist deep within, so more self-investigation and writing to release them. Not to just suppress the thoughts, but to look at them, investigate them, and get to the root-cause generator of those thoughts. Every thought is a tip of an iceberg indicating an old can of worms waiting to be released/forgiven. “what’s going on within me, where is this thought coming from, what memories, what emotions, are associated with them,” etc, rant and rave about them in great details, revealing hidden and obvious self-definitions, limitations, I have accepted and allowed within me. Not to feel bad or guilty when the mind is thinking crazy stuff, simply pause, breathe and get on with writing, self-forgive, self-correct etc. Stopping the crazy thinking is an act responsibility, I mean so much harm could result from crazy thinking, specially nowadays where the mind is increasingly evident in the physical. No more hiding.

Be here, deal with what is practically here, anything else is mind gone into past or future. You can ‘look’ at future as in planning, but that’s more like ‘looking’ than crazy thinking. Reading that link above was ‘shocking’ because in that you realize the damage ‘crazy thinking’ could do self and others. So snap out, breathing, get into physical activity, get out of that crazy thinking, because before you know it, you might be manifesting your crazy thoughts. You dont’ want to be in the TV for the wrongs reasons.

I commit myself to check within myself, check my thoughts, sort of creating real-time constant self-awareness about what’s going on upstairs, because I see/realize and understand, ‘crazy thoughts’ are not without consequences for myself and others. Within this I commit myself to ‘look’ within and pause my thoughts. I realize the great self-responsibility within this.  


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