day 576: converting people is useless.

writeSo here I am, sitting down for a moment of self-writing, though almost the day is over for me. So breathe, be here, relax, look at the words, and just write. I mean, here I am expressing myself as self-intimacy. So scanning my day today to see what I can write about, as sometimes topics don’t’ just show up that easily.

I realize every encounter is precious, meaning, any moment shared with another is a cool chance to show/share some common sense, or even just listen to them, as that could plant a seed. And you never know how/when it could assist them. I had a long chat with my yoga teacher today, she seems pretty convinced about her spiritual path, (which includes the typical spiritual chants/yoga/guru stuff like that), the things I was sharing about equality etc, couldn’t’ get to her. I mean no judgment, not too long ago I was a heavy-metal spiritual junkie as well, hell-bent on chanting/god/meditation things like that, only after a process with desteni, I could see some common sense, so naturally, I don’t’ expect someone like my yoga teacher to just see the common sense in one chat.

But the sharing is enough, I am not interested in converting people, only religious people convert, and desteni is not a religion, it’s simply a path of common sense, with specific set of self-applicable tools like self-forgiveness, self-honesty and writing. I see/realize I have a tendency to preach, and sort of wanting to convert others, this is useless. Nobody will convert because I am lecturing them on desteni/tools etc; however they might ask questions, discuss after having seen some change in me, in that they might open up for a chance to plant a seed.

So it’s important that I see every encounter is not just an encounter for a chit-chat, but a chance to share a real moment, a moment of REALNESS, certainly not to be squandered by seeking to convert them. I mean ultimately every moment is a moment to share with another as myself, so give them what you would like to receive: common sense, support, real listening, some direction, etc.

I had few encounters today, I think, a bit more listening, really listening could have helped, less preachy, in that giving them a chance to self-expand, rant/rave, etc, those are moments of realness. I mean, why on earth did Bernard spend so many hours on chatting with people to assist them with their ‘personal problems’, I mean, he could have simply talked about the ‘big stuff’ like changing the world-system etc, instead he took real interest in people’s personal issues, and supported them. It’s in the small acts the process is walked, so encounters are pretty cool.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a big boss, so this is also a chance to be real, be here, no bullshitting, not to show off anything, not to suck up, just be here, just me, myself, no personality activations. So, I commit myself to stop the ‘converting tendency’ in me, I replace it with just being real, myself, sharing common sense etc. I drop the tendency to “convert” people, instead I stand as an example, I mean eventually those real chats will open up the chance to talk about blogging/process/forgiveness etc, then its real guidance/direction not a conversion as such. Again, it all starts with me, with me standing as real.  
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