day 583: living my full life potential (1)

the purpose of lifeLiving my utmost potential.

Yesterday I published my declaration of living principles, I must admit I had much resistance to publishing them, I argued that “I don’t’ live any of them so why bother”, but I published anyways within the realization that I must walk/correct to LIVE those principles over time, otherwise obviously the declaration would become just empty words.

So, living my utmost potential, what does that mean within my current/life context? This is pretty easy to answer, because it simply means applying myself within everything I do to my max ability/potential, and not giving into old self-sabotaging patterns. I was working on a new assignment today, and this particular area I haven’t touch much, so its kind of new to me, I mean instead of going to the old pattern of fear and consequently giving-up, I took some time to read/study and actually understand the software architecture of the new component, afterward my whole starting point, attitude had changed, I felt much more in-charge, comfortable to tackle the problem. As it has always been my pattern to give-in in the face of new things or show strong resistance to learn something new, within that always fell back or did bare minimum to survive at work.

This is changing, I am no longer walking on bare minimum as I study/read/experiment things, my know-how is increasing and my contribution is increasing. This is just one area of my life where ‘living my utmost potential’ is increasing more and more, till I operate at the utmost/at-most level.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear living my utmost potential within the idea that “I simply cannot get there, it’s not for me, only certainly highly skilled or talented people can live their utmost potential”.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to limit myself with ideas and beliefs instead of applying myself here, breath by breath. Do the reading, do the experimenting, do the studying, I mean, common sense, if you’re looking at something new within your area of expertise, you still have to approach it like you’re in school, take notes, study, experiment, repeat, till you totally integrate the new information within and as you.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that “I simply cannot do it”, within this I see/realize a belief system has become greater than me, and I have allowed it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that ‘living my utmost potential’ is NOT for me, but for others, within this I forgive myself for seeing myself as a ‘victim’, as ‘less-than’, not seeing/realizing these are self-imposed ideas/beliefs, which I am correcting now.

So when and as I see myself limiting myself, I stop, I breathe, when and as I see myself falling into the old fears of self-limitation, I stop I breathe, and allow myself to expand, allow myself to study/read/experiment/repeat, and allow myself to pause the fears and actually dive into the new information so that I can find resolutions. I see/realize when I give-into the fears, old patterns etc then I am not effective, I am blindly trying to guess something just to survive, in that NOT living my utmost potential, just getting by with bare minimum.

‘Living my utmost potential’ of course must entail all areas of my life, not just work, or excellence at work, so at the moment this is one area where I am creasing in living potential, though long way still to go to include all other areas of my life. Breath by breath, brick by brick, area by area self-expanding, self-growing into living my full potential.

Note this is not some positive thinking or living a highly rewarding life or profitable life, not at all, so not to be confused with the spiritual/marketing idea of “living the max” which is self-centered, here living my full potential is not just for me, but eventually to bring this full potential to ALL. Would you ever accept a poor child in Africa to live a dirt poor life and achieve nothing and just rot away to death in poverty? no, that’s not giving that child the opportunity to live a full potential life. So I start with me, living my life into full potential, as within, then, take part to bring solutions to without. The inner full potential must show in the outer. Every human being living their full life potential is the aim here. SO this is not some ‘high achiever’ attitude for self-glory or self-profiting, this is about the principle of one plus one, where each one by one living their full life potential.  

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