day 584: breathe fully

breathingBreathe!!! Breathing fully even a single breath is giving yourself a chance at living your full potential. I can’t recall a single breath where I breathed fully today. This is a point of responsibility to return again and again to the awareness of breathing fully, wholly. Driving times for instance, there is nothing much to do, I could practice wholesome breathing, utilizing moments like that throughout the day, I can apply the breaks on this continuous thinking machine: the MIND.

Some days I sit on routine/boring meetings, again great chance to practice wholesome breathing. Even TV times are great for practicing wholesome breathing. You don’t have create a session for it, as there are already in ample. Stopping the mind is a great responsibility and allows living a full potential life, otherwise life is spent as a mind-possessed zombie. Sometimes I see people walking around in total mind-possessed states, not too long ago I was one, well even now I go to that state occasionally, what a waste that is. So wholesome breathing, fully breathing, hara-breathing, 4 count breathing, whatever the name you want to call it, essentially breathing with awareness, is a cool self-support.

Hard to imagine a zombie living a full potential life. It doesn’t have to be 24×7 and every minute of it, but as often as one can, the more the better, putting the breaks/breaths on the unceasing mind. I have looked at this point many times before, so back again, giving myself the opportunity to live a full potential life by first breathing fully, wholesomely. I have become addicted to thinking, fantasy, daydreaming, recalling memories, having inner dialog, where I always win, I am sort of superhero within my mind. So much secret is possible in the silence of the mind, even as I write this my mind is racing to past moments, recalling the good-times, but not the bad ones, just the fun good times, in the creating a sad sort of moment where I am standing/feeling alone here, instead of just being here, breathing fully here, stopping my unceasing mind, obviously I permit myself to go along with the mind.

SO I stop, I breathe to bring myself back here, to the this physical moment here, again and again, giving myself ample chances to take that ONE BREATH fully, wholesomely. Living my full potential starts with breathing. I commit myself to make fully-breathing a daily practice, using many opportunities like driving times to practice this.   

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