day 590: thoughts, emotions, feelings are Implants.

Is your mind doing the thinking for you OR you’re the thinker? Recently I listened to an eqafe interview, may be its one the crucifixion of Jesus interviews, (not sure) in which, it was mention that thoughts/emotions are what the MIND wants you to think and feel. WHAT? The mind wants you to feel and think this? Fascinating, I have to re-listen to it and understand it, because all my thoughts, emotions are thrown at me, I mean WTF am I doing then?

Would you let someone in your life to tell you what you should think or feel? I am sure you won’t, yet you will let your MIND do exactly that. Simple example, when the alarm goes off in the morning, something in me is telling me, “sleep, sleep, bit more, just 5 more minutes”, now whose voice is that? I know I want to get up, yet this voice is telling me to keep on sleeping.

Not suggesting the mind as some external enemy entity who is secretly operating within myself, no, but it seems the mind is a part of me that is hell bend on telling me shit. So when the mind is telling me to “sleep, sleep and sleep more”, the real truth is, I like to sleep, and my mind is only showing me that, essentially showing me what the fuck I have accepted and allowed within myself. So can’t blame the mind, but don’t’ follow the mind either, as it will only take you to ‘trouble’. Have to be careful with the tendency to blame ‘others’ including my mind. But know, all the thoughts and emotions that appear within you are implanted by the MIND, it wants you to think and feel this way. Mind is your master, and you’re its salve.

So, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize, every thought, every emotion within me is implanted by the mind, so not to be trusted or taken seriously, yet to be investigated, self-forgiven and let it go. Because hanging onto those implanted thoughts/emotions can lead me to take actions in the physical reality with heavy consequences. All because of a thought or feeling that just appeared within me from nowhere. Once the process of not taking them seriously is established, I can investigate the root cause, reason, memory, where/why this thought/emotion originate from. Because I wasn’t born with thoughts and emotions, all that I acquired over time and reusing them creating more of the same shit.

So, thoughts, emotions and feelings, are not mine, mind is telling me what to think and what to feel. I realize this now. So I commit myself to ‘look’ at my thoughts, emotions, but NOT take them SERIOUSLY or act upon them. This is where self-responsibility starts, not to be driven by one’s own mind. Because as long as I am driven by the mind, I am powerless, as one tiny-whiny little thought can break all hell lose within me, and potentially within my physical reality. It takes one thought to start a war. So, I commit myself to breathe and slow down, because as I slow down, I am more cable of catching/stopping these implants.  

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