day 591: fear of homeless people

For context see this blog. “Labels and name calling – this is how it begins. It’s how it began in Nazi Germany. It’s how it began in colonial America. It is how it began in Southern Africa. It is easier to dehumanize someone by giving them a derogatory label. Nowadays it’s less about race or religion and more about income/social status” 

Judging and labeling. Just read the Activist Journey to Life, pretty cool blog today about homeless people, how it all starts with labeling, judging, and then eventually discarding them as less-than human. Because if ‘you were to see them, see everyone as yourself, you would want everyone to have a comfortable life’, this is not about charity, absolutely not, charity is a band-aid for a disease, charity doesn’t resolve the disease, it merely places a momentary release. Anyways, so easy to judge, label, and discard humans as hobos, homeless, mental, or whatever, and never bother to find solutions for other than giving to charities.

I don’t’ think anyone makes a life-decision to become homeless, whole bunch of compounding factors may have contributed it. A homeless person’s inability to ‘raise up from the ashes’ is not a weakness or sign of laziness, a state of despair, fed-upness, destitute can make them easily ‘give up’. Life on the streets is not easy, not just harsh climates or filth one has to put up with, the mental agony of being on the streets can be extremely tiring not just to the body, it can break down one’s spirit even to live. Which turns them to drugs, I mean some sort of release from the mental agony they experience, so mind altering substances play a big role in life of the homeless. With that comes addiction, theft, petty crimes, violence and whatnot, homeless life is pretty hellish. 

Overtime, they become used to it, ‘going back’ is too much for them, so rather stay on the roads and die away. When the road becomes your home, very difficult to end that cycle. 

So investigate solutions, study desteni, start the process of change with yourself first.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to treat homeless people as non-humans.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize the reason I fear homeless people is because I fear becoming one, falling into such a life on the streets. Within this I forgive myself for fear being homeless.

Obviously I can’t go hug homeless persons and start socializing with them, I mean that’s not the point here, the fears, the judgments, the labels, I have accepted and allowed, must go.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear homelessness, and out of this fear, I have allowed myself to avoid them, fear them, blame them, judge/label them, not seeing/realizing, once the first step of judging/labeling is done, discarding the homeless as less-than human is pretty easy.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame the homeless so that I don’t’ have to examine the real causes that created homelessness in the first place.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to criminalize homelessness, and connect homelessness to crime. In that never asking the question, due to their intense mental agony, not to mention hunger and tiredness, what choices do they have other than stealing or begging or boozing to survive? I commit myself to breathe and slow down within myself, when and as I encounter homeless people.  I remind myself that homelessness is a reflection of what I have accepted and allowed within myself. So instead of fearing, I stop, I breathe and slow myself down, and I direct myself to study/investigate/contribute to research done by Life Equal Foundation to end homelessness. 

Please join us, let’s get to the root of the problem and then solutions. – Participate in Forums or Search Desteni Material.
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