day 592: Don’t treat your body like a donkey from Afghanistan.

donkeyBattling a very bad knee pain on my right leg. Self-care for the body, I mean, have to slow down on things like jogging or even too much walking for that matter. I can’t believe this, I am actually writing about slowing down ‘physical movement’. 45 is an age where weird things/pains can show up in the body, so self-care, body-care is a must. Can’t jump and hop like I did 20 years ago, I mean, have to pace it, as I am having this right knee pain on a recurring basis. I would hate to see a doctor and have the guy tell me very long sad story which could cost me a lot of money. Even as a precaution I would hate to see a doctor on this.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be upset that I am having body pains like this knee pain. As if I will be eternally youthful, full of vigor, and never ever get sick. I mean, the body is aging, have to self-care, take precaution, do activities in moderation, don’t put on too much stress. Treat the body how I like to be treated. I am equal and one to my body. I mean can’t crash the body like an overworked donkey from Afghanistan. I am more concern about how ‘I feel’ but won’t see how my movements could affect the body, how the body must be experiencing my movements. The body is not here as my slave to help me ride along my energy rides, till it crashes and dies. So breathe, body-awareness, stretching, yoga, swimming, all that is pretty cool for the body, let the body be comfortable, let the body breathe and be here as you.

Yet most people in this world don’t’ have such luxuries, to treat their bodies with such care or gentleness, as they have to toil all day, to feed themselves, unless if you’re rich living a life of an elite then you can give all the care in the world for yourself.

I am whining so much about knee pain, I mean imagine what the hell factory workers must be going through in countries like Bangladesh or China, that’s Hell-Mart for Wal-Mart.

The abuse, the suffering, the inequality of this world cannot continue. So, while you still got your body going nicely, join us, before it’s too late, I mean, your screams from your deathbed can’t change the world.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize if my knee pain is persistent, I should see a doctor, I mean, I have to support myself to understand what’s going on, just saying “oh it will go away” is not very responsible, and could be consequential. At least have a casual check up on it.

Doctors do tend to exaggerate on things, I mean, common sense, the more sick you’re, the more money they make. So the health industry doesn’t have our best interest at heart, obviously profit is their goal, we are simply customers or pay-tients.

So that’s it for whining about my knee, time for some action on this.


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