day 594: Old age, is it too late for you?

imagesToo old to change? Interesting question. Well there is a practical side to aging, I mean, an 80-year-old man can’t hop and jump like a teenager, so common sense, aging is real, even mental aging is real, you may be slowing down in data-processing etc. But in terms of birthing oneself as LIFE through the physical, it is never too late to start.

Say an 80-year-old starts his process, what are his limitations to birth himself as life? None, because walking a process of self-forgiveness, self-honesty, self-correction, and breathing with awareness can be done at any age. As long as one’s ability to breathe, voice, read, speak, (may be write also) remains, one can start the process of re-birthing and understanding what’s going on in this world and yes even at 80, participate in changing this world.

I mean it would be a delusion to say aging is a limitation to change self and participate in changing the world. You may not run for a public office or do things like that, but you can surely breathe, be self-honest, stop your mind/thoughts/emotions and feelings even at the last hour. Granted, having time on your side is an advantage, as you will have time to walk a 7-year journey to life, time to write mind-constructs, time to face numerous patterns and situations compare to an 80-year-old whose ‘time left’ may be a limit. Then again, your death could arrive next breath, ending all so-called advantages. So when we see/realize that death could arrive at any breath, the age base limitations disappear, common sense.

As a human, as an expression of life, what you can do to re-birth yourself as LIFE out that mind-consciousness-system is not age limited. Self-honesty has no barriers. You can’t say, “I am too old to be self-honest”, well that would be self-dishonest.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see age as a limitation to live out my full life potential.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see ‘old people’ as done just waiting to be ‘dusted’, not seeing/realizing how insane is this on my part, where is equality of life, where is respect, where is honoring each as life when I live-out such judgments?

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to dismiss old people believing that they can’t do much to themselves or to this world. Essentially discarding them, as worthless. How can life-forms be high or less worth and I still claim life is equal? It may be so, old people have loads of self-beliefs, self-imposed limitations and whatnot making it harder for them to see/realize something new, but that’s true for even young people. Once the mind is convinced of belief systems, age is no more an issue, both groups will be opposing something new like ‘Equality for All’ for instance. So discarding/dismissing old people is not acceptable.

And remember, in the grave, we shall all be equals, doesn’t matter how earlier the old man got there before you. So why not live that equality here now and give as you like to receive.

Of course having sex at 80 is a practical problem, unlike when you’re 25, for that I am sure, there are ways nowadays, not that I have tried them, but something to resolve when I cross that bridge. So I plan to have lots of sex now, by the time I am 80, I will be so tired of the very thought of sex, sort of ‘had enough’, if you know what I mean.

But there is more to life than sex. Birthing self as life is numero-uno along with changing this world to ‘what is best for all’. Because when you’re dead, only a stench of you will remain. So make a difference now with whatever time you have left. 

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