day 596: children at the border, consequence on your face.

childrenWith the arrival of large number of unaccompanied migrant children, we are witnessing a humanitarian crises. The actual numbers doesn’t’ matter. Escaping violence and terror from their own countries like El Salvador, these children en route for a better life in the USA are now in limbo, at least for the time being. As the debate is on, to keep them or deport them, and good portion of the public is on both sides of the debate.

Consequence is on your face”, is what I would call this. During the 80s and 90s, those south American countries (banana republics) were killing fields for the elitist agendas, the invasions, the wars, coups, collapse of local economies and everything else that went on during those years, and the consequence has to manifest at some point.

No point in blaming any governments or administrations who took part in such experiments back then. So realize, these children, the fruit of our deeds are here, and we must face them.

Obviously, within the political circles in any country, who got the political will or the principle to support another as yourself? I doubt even the so-called Gandhian congress party of India has shown any such ‘love’ in recent times (in equivalent context). Political power, religious power, ethnic/lingo supremacy/power, I mean these are the inter-related dominant social forces that are driving us, and our leaders not principles. It would be very unpopular to embrace all these migrant children as ourselves and house them here, and give them a chance for a good life. It would much easier to deport them, or place them in detention, it will make you a STRONG leader like a great military general. I mean, this mindset has nothing to do with USA, just look at the new PM in India, it seems his first order of business is to modernize the Indian military while millions of Indians spiraling out of control down into poverty.

So blame is invalid, be it in India, or USA, the leaders will do whatever it takes to appease their vote base. Dominant groups will have their final say. No outcast group in India is part of the decision making process within the Indian government, as they are not the dominant force, they have no say whatsoever, except for few token appointees. Intolerance is everywhere nowadays, I mean even the so-called non-violent Buddhist are kicking the minorities/illegals, as if the hidden demons of man is now out in full flow for all to see. What a terrible sight to see Buddhist monks burning down houses where the poor live (referring to recent attacks on minority Muslims in Sri-Lanka).

The “Right” is kicking ass now, pardon my expression. Everybody seems tired of the minority or undocumented, or the “other guy”. Essentially the problem is with the “other guy”. And this “other guy” can be anyone depending on the context/country.

Essentially we have created hell on earth. So blaming anyone is useless. Americans have done their share, and so is everybody else in creating this hell.

Until the day, we see this planet as our home, we will continue to torment each other, we will be at war or proxy wars, control resources, power placed in the hands of global and local elitists, essentially keeping the whole planet in full control, nobody can breathe. So-called democracy and voting is a tiny window still left open for change.

When and how change will arrive? When you and I start to change our inner selves. Through a process of self-change only then one can transcend all EGO definitions and stand for and as LIFE. An EGO cannot do what is best for all, so you must first walk a process to get out of the EGO. This is why the Equal Life Foundation and the desteni group is busy teaching/sharing tools and methods on how to self-change. Along with researching solution on practical, political, economic levels, namely the Living Income Guaranteed. Within that giving all a life of dignity.

Nobody will have to escape their homelands embarking a risky journey like these children in search of a better life. The kids apparently were very delighted to ‘get caught by’ the US border authorities, as they realize their risky journey is over, enter the next phase. In terms of solution to these kids, well the authorities will have to work it out, keep them or deport them or grant them temporary asylum. Neither of which is a great solution, because the supply of future migrant children will continue to flow, in fact will increase, as consequence is now on your face.

We have to investigate from an absolute/global perspective, we have to consider the whole planet, band-aid fixes are no more, we want solutions that are best for all, sustainable, progressive and practical. Obviously, if I were in one of those little shoes today, I would beg to remain in the US, that’s easy to see, yet I realize such solution is not as easy as it seems. Remove the root cause, reason why these children left their families and homelands in the first place. No other solution is long-term. You might feel good for a while by granting them asylum, but what about future arrivals?

I was once a migrant person on route for a better life, with some short-term support, but long-term was totally bleak. When I left my country, heading to USA, I told myself, “what’s the worse thing could happen to me? Well, I will end up in a US jail, then I said to myself, US jail is better than this hell hole I am in right now”. With those self-counseling words, I left, arrived in Honolulu, I was heading to a school there, I certainly had no money for a full 4 year program, 1 year was my max, even then things would be very tight, with that, I canceled my program upon arrival and planned to head north, to Canada to yet another school. I mean, my story is actually paradise compare these children today, but I can totally understand them, why would they risk everything including their lives in search of a better life.

But the funny thing about us migrants is, after arriving here, after establishing our lives here, we totally forget the ‘hell-hole’ we left behind, we seek not to create a world that is best for all, we get caught in the Hollywood and we dream the American dream totally ignoring the nightmare we left.

Its been 25 years since I took that risky journey, I remember how scared I was, I was alone, aged 20 going 30, I mean I am one of the lucky ones, everything went smooth, I didn’t’ land in a jail, instead I met strangers who arrange things for me and whatnot, like a sweet song everything went well for me. These children remind me that my song may be sweet, but the hell on earth has only gotten worse since I left my own hell. Upon reading this news, I felt an urge to write all this, as I am sure, wave upon wave of new refugees/children will arrive at our doorsteps, because life just cannot continue on like this, nobody likes to live in a hell-hole. Granting these children humanitarian asylum is not my urgent request, I leave that for the US lawmakers to decide, but I stand for a greater principle, the principle of what is best for all. Within that, we must search/research solutions that will prevent such crises in the first place.

And you’re responsible for that. To believe that you’re well settled, your rights are well protected etc, and only those migrant kids deserve hell, is a huge mistake. You’re responsible for creating a world that is best for all. These kids are here to remind you, as consequence is here to remind you. These are urgent calls to act, as things will only get worse. Consequence is here on your face. 

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