day 599: be responsible

breatheSilence. Breathing. Breath. Here. Air. Wind. Earth. Heat. Warm. Trees. Sounds. Noise. Barking. Dogs. Cars. Traffic. Music. Laughter. Death. Disease. Elderly. Sickness. Coffee. Natives. Neglect. Discarded. Poor. Poverty. Abuse. Drugs. Addiction. Violence. History. Rape. Murder.

Everything is here. This moment includes everything, can’t separate myself from anything. To separate myself from those ‘negative’ stuff and only associate myself with the ‘positive’ is capitalism, only looking for a good return/profit in that avoiding what’s not so profitable, not so sweet, not so cool.

Life is here in everything, but unfortunately, many are experiencing abuse (due to self-infliction and system creation). While self-responsibility is paramount, meaning the system must not take-away self-responsibility from people, but it is clear that the system is a monster creating hellish situations where it is near impossible to rise up from the ashes. There are few exceptions, the slum dog millionaire is one, may be, who rose up from the ashes, but million other slum dogs die like slum dogs never get to even the see the sunrise, such is their poverty. Now in that context, you cannot say “hey those slum dogs are not responsible people, and that’s why they are condemned to such fate”. That’s a nasty belief to have. To add insult to injury, please don’t say that “they at some high level of consciousness wished/wanted that life form as a slum dog to learn some life-lesson”. I find that rather cruel use of spirituality, utterly bogus.

So here I am, here we are, with all the hell that’s on earth now, its time to face self and everything here as self. I mean, there is no escape, no hiding, there is no running, you will face yourself either way.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize everything here is me, showing me, reflecting back to me, what I have accepted and allowed within myself and within this world.

So running or wanting to escape is not the solution. Face it. Deal with it, and the principle is What is Best for All, not just what is best for ME.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize everything here is reminding me of my responsibility for myself and for the world as myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize responsibility is the key, everything here reminding me of responsibility (for myself and for the world). A beggar who passes by, or druggie who crawls, or the native who is fallen drunk, or the elder who is struggling to walk, or the youth who is aimless and violent, are not just isolated events, they are reminding me of my responsibility. I am here to change that, first of course by changing myself.

I commit myself to walk this process, not to slack off, not fall asleep, not take-it-easy, I commit myself to walk this daily, write daily, read daily, listen to eqafe daily, share common sense daily, above all, live this message breath by breath, become a living example. The interesting thing about the desteni message is, it can be lived in every breath, here, no need for any scenarios. Life here is the scenario for this message to be lived. I am here, breathing, listening, living, changing, correcting myself, writing, reading, observing myself, watching my fears, not allowing them to take over, I commit myself to walk this process with dedication. Responsibility is the key, become responsible for everything.  

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