day 601: so much bad news, what are you doing?

war-in-syriaMuch bad news going on lately, well, at least on the front pages we see Gaza is being bombard to non-existence, and a plane being “shot down” with 298 on board. The world cup just ended, so need some news entertainment to occupy our minds for a while till the next big thing comes around.

Was it last summer or the one before, war in Libya was all over the news, and it ended with Col. Gaddafi being dragged around like a dog to his death. Then suddenly Libya was liberated and never to be heard again. It seems our attention only follows CNN otherwise we couldn’t give 2-cents about anything. Does anyone care about the state of affairs in Libya right now? Who is control? Who is making the money, how are the average Libyans carrying on ever since liberation, etc, have their lives changed for the better? Or was it all a pretext to grab/occupy the oil rich land and its wealth?

Our attention span is so short, I am afraid the terrible things we saw on CNN this week will soon be forgotten. But the consequence will be here in time, we must and we will see the consequences. I am not a religious or spiritual man, but it simply doesn’t make sense that we flattened Gaza and hope to continue our lives as if nothing ever happened. It doesn’t make sense a plane being “shot down” with 298 on board and we hope our lives will continue like a sweet song as if nothing ever happened. I am afraid severe consequence is awaiting humanity, I mean, it got to, this madness simply cannot continue, something has to stop mankind before mankind stop itself. Unfortunately this “something” wont’ be a big live-CNN event, rather something everyone must face within themselves personally, and realize for themselves the urgency for real change. I mean humanity is going crazy at a rapid rate, as if there is no tomorrow.

What we see on CNN is just a handful, its breaking news of the week, after all, but there is a lot going on that you wont see on TV. Take for instance, nearly 21,000 children die daily due to hunger or hunger related diseases. That’s like 70 plane crashes a day with only kids on board, and we deliberately ignore those facts, and do nothing to stop them. I am not talking about charity here, as its scope and application is extremely limited, so much so, charity can feed back into the cycle of poverty to keep poverty in place. So we have to find/research real solutions, find ways and means to create heaven on earth.

It is indeed possible there will be permanent peace in the holy-land, and in all lands, it is indeed possible to prevent the death of all those children, it is indeed possible to end homelessness, poverty, violence, terror etc etc. The desteni group and those who are walking with desteni are already proving to themselves that change is indeed possible. The nature of man is changeable, no matter how evil you’re. This is not a statement of hope, rather its a statement of self-responsibility and self-application. You have to engage yourself in the process to self-change.

I am doing this for myself now, like a Jew or Palestinian, I was once a hard-core supporter/believer of ‘my side’, hell-bent to destroying the other group. Through walking this desteni process, even to my surprise, I have overcome that deep seated ethnic divide within myself, it’s not 100% gone, I see reminiscent of it time to time arising within me, but for the most part it is non-existent. Some of these things are very deeply buried mind-patterns, which will require extensive writing and releasing over a long period of time.

So regardless of the hell that is unfolding, change is possible, but it can only happen if you take that first step to change yourself. Unfortunately past consequences we cannot prevent, as they are already created, but we sure can prevent any further damage. In this, it is my responsibility to walk this process with dedication, stand as an example, and speak as a voice for life. Will you join us and start your own process? Or will you simply watch the breaking news of the day, and just move on to the next breaking news sort of entertainment to keep your mind occupied with something but never ever taking a step to change.

But please don’t tell me that everything has a “spiritual purpose and those dead beings have actually chosen such path to learn a life-lesson etc”, that’s like spiritualizing evil, its far worse than chasing the breaking news from the idiot box.      

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