day 604: WAR – Worse Act of Reasoning. But media loves it.

childMy daily writing continues, though I see now it’s rather difficult to name this as daily writing, more like every-other-day writing. So again, a note to self, like Bernard said, “leave 10,000 documents and 10,000 videos before you leave”. Giving that time to self, to reflect, to ‘see’ through writing is important, to take points one is facing, or global points that are unfolding. Cool.

Read a cool blog today about inforwar, essentially taking sides on this Gaza conflict is not the way to go. Taking sides polarizes, not equalize, I mean, it’s not one team against another as we are made to believe. We as humanity are the ones suffering, we are the ones inflicting abuse onto ourselves. But the media loves to keep you hooked on anxiety, keep you stuck in constant state of fear, so enough emotions are generated within you to take ‘sides’, the good vs evil. As long as we are glued to the TV and taking sides, the perpetual conflict will continue with no end in sight, and the media would love that real-time drama, much more profitable than any daytime soap.

Obviously not saying to dismiss the news/events coming from Gaza, rather self-realize, those who are behind it all, call them the ‘controllers of the system’, are not really interested in SOLUTIONS. They talk of ceasefires, but nobody wants to ask the question, “why start a fire in the first place?”.

It’s like a game, I mean I was up till 2:30am last night watching a game being played on the other-side of the planet, this is how crazy humans are about their team winning, and war is a great game we all love to win, cheerleaders are so many.

So essentially don’t’ get consumed by the words of the media-news or by their emotions, I mean, from their perspective, they would love it when the audience get all emotional, a boring TV show doesn’t’ have longevity. Remember, as far is TV is concern ratings what matters to them, top ratings equal top dollars. So they love to keep you hooked on their shows, and what great ways to do that than through: war, fear, murder, rape, by taping into primal fears. So important not to get sucked into that fear, simply breathe and dismiss what’s is fed into you. They thrive on you being afraid, and oddly enough, you love to watch scary news, I suppose I love to watch scary news because at least I know “its not happening to me”.

The real thing we should all focus on is: SOLUTIONS. How to end wars in the first place, I mean, all wars, why do we justify wars? Is it some kind of a soccer game like what we saw recently with Brazil going down 7-1 to Germany and their fans crying like crazy, while the winning fans are out of their minds so happy? It really seem like we love wars, we love to see war scenes, love to score battle victories, love to honor and revere our great battle military warriors, and then erect monuments in their memories and celebrate annually with parades and whatnot. I mean why do we still celebrate the second world war D-days etc? Is it some continuous reminder how great war is? So we can be ever ready for the next war. Are we kept on a constant state of war-readiness mentally? 

I am sick and tired of the bullshit wars going on everywhere, but hey, me reacting emotionally is part of the problem, I must first stop all wars within myself and in my little world. So easy for me to declare war with some folks in my life, I even have the power to do so, then, I am no different to the abusers of life in Gaza, as the very thing I am protesting exist within me, in my own reality. So war must stop within myself, first, and then one by one, we shall all stand together for a world that is best for all. By then, we will make war a thing of the past, even those war museums we can get rid off, kids can learn about them from history books. I don’t’ understand this, recently the Australian PM, Tony Abbott was visiting town, and one of the few places he visited was the ‘national war museum’, I mean, wtf, so much importance to wars/war museums? Obviously the war museum doesn’t’ teach you what a ‘worse act of reasoning’ WAR is.

So no blame, lets first take self-responsibility for ourselves, and then take responsibility to end all wars everywhere, you will be surprised how easy to end wars everywhere, trust me, I didn’t’ believe this either, but now I do with absolute certainly, we will end all wars everywhere forevermore. But that process starts with you taking responsibility for yourself.

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