day 605: road-rage is consequential.

terrorArrogance can have consequence, specially now that ‘demons’ are roaming the earth, any little thing can spark something terrible. Driving home today after work, an incoming van at a turn made a rough move which could have hit me, so as a moment of quantum-mind-physical reaction, I expressed my anger as a stern look of annoyance at the driver, then the moment I saw him, I realize I have created potential for more trouble, I mean he could have got out of the van and beat the crap out of me, or reacted in a such violent way causing harm, as now anger/arrogance/road-rage is the driving force. So in this I realized, I provoked the wrong guy with my road-rage, I mean, there are some really mean looking roughians out there, you want to avoid them as fast as you can.

This was one moment where I lost my cool and picked on the wrong guy, and the way he looked back at me, I thought he was going to kill me or something. Put it this way, human mind is extremely provocable nowadays, any little thing can push people over the edge. So have to be smart and avoid such provocations. I mean there was no accident after all, I could have simply kept moving without that exchange of annoyance.

Here I should have taken the responsibility to NOT create more drama for myself and for that guy, and I should have seen this, can’t assume how another will react, so it is wise to just move on silently, the last thing you want is to provoke a demon, and there are many on the roads these days. Avoid confrontation, avoid conflict, avoid road-rage, avoid provocations, I mean, you never know how deadly this could have turned out today.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to compromise myself, my safety and the safety of another by causing provocations as road-rage.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize my words, gestures, looks can provoke people, and I realize that it could lead to unnecessary consequences for myself and of the other person. In this I see/realize that I have a responsibility to create something that is best for all, in this case, simply driving on without any hassle.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize road-rage or provocations of any kind is not acceptable, pushing people is not acceptable, because we never know how another might react. Within this I see/realize it is my responsibility to avoid consequence for myself and others, even if others appear to be consequence-creators, I must be the force to clear such moments, not the one to compound them.

So I direct myself to not exchange any angry looks or stares or words as and when I encounter difficult situations on the road, as I realize road-rage seems to get almost anyone nowadays, so I realize I have a responsibility to stop the rage within myself, as road-rage is only a reflection of my own rage within me. And that’s true, as I was driving, I was in a slight bad mood, mixed with bit of anger, and that guy’s rough turn gave me an excellent chance to pour out what was boiling within me, and in that, I created potential for more trouble.

So no more, I eat the humble pie and take the humble path, arrogance is not going to solve anything, it can only create more consequence should I pick the wrong person for it. So why bother, I stop, I let go, I breathe and move on, I take the humble position to avoid any consequences. Because arrogance can provoke people and you can never guess how they will react and the consequence it will create.

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