Day 608: Is War part of God’s Will?

imagesWhat is God’s will? And how do you know for cure what god’s will is? Well let’s not get into second question, I mean, only an insane mind will say “I know” God’s will as if GOD directly spoke to me.

But looking at this within common sense, here is a list GOD may desire and could potentially be part of God’s Will.

1. End all wars.
2. End homelessness.
3. End poverty.
4. End unemployment.
5. End corporate abuse.
6. End environmental abuse.
7. End animal abuse.
8. End drug, alcohol and substance abuse.
9. Provide education to all.
10. Provide universal healthcare.
11. Provide fresh water to all.
12. Support each human being to live a life of full potential.
13. End all mental illness like depression, self-pity etc.
14. Ban all forms of pornography.
15. Destroy all weapons, turn them into tools.
16. Redirect the military forces as labor forces.
17. Dismantle all nuclear and other dangerous arsenals .
18. Redefine Capitalism to a system that is best for all.
19. Care for nature and animals.
20. Strive to create Heaven on Earth in all aspects of life.

Now that sounds a bit like God’s Will. I mean, GOD created this world and us humans, and I am sure he wont’ want us to be killing each other. Do you think GOD loves to see us raging wars against each other like what’s happening in Gaza right now? I mean what kind of a GOD would love to see his “children” kill each other?

And the dangerous part is, redefining God’s will to justify abuses like saying “yes we should wipe out Gaza because that’s God’s will, its even in the bible”.

As you can see in common sense, God’s will should be about creating Heaven on Earth, not creating Hell on Earth as some might believe. Unfortunately not many of us can see that ‘creating heaven on earth’ as God’s will, as we are told/brainwashed that ‘heaven is only after death’ so why give a fuck about this world right now?

Ending all such brainwashing is the FIRST step to work on, I mean, it is near impossible to see what is best for all with the existing brainwashing. I never saw what’s best for all till I walked my desteni process of writing/reading of self-forgiveness etc.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize that war cannot be part of God’s Will. How can war ever be part of a loving God’s will? Even those so-called holy wars, can they be part of God’s will? Unless I am totally brainwashed, I cannot see how war can be God’s will.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to justify abuses in the name of “God’s will”, not seeing/realizing how cruel and nasty that is, also how convenient it is.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to permit war in the name of God’s will.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to justify abuses in the name of “God’s will”.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hide my evil nature and justifications behind “God’s will”.

So to declare war as part of God’s will is pure evil, and if you’re subscribing to such EVIL WILL, you must immediately seek support from desteni forums.

I commit myself to remove all my brainwashing through writing/reading of self-forgiveness and listening to desteni materials. I see/realize how extensively brainwashed I am, even now.

And Please dont’ quote the bible and tell me, that the war in Gaza nowadays as part of God’s will, that’s pure rubbish and deliberately ignorant.  

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