day 612: ‘ghetto justice’ or justice for all life?

elfAround the parliament hill area here in Ottawa/Canada, you get to see protesters/rallies often, and they do come and go as theirs stories get in and out of mainstream media. Recently I saw a huge Turkish rally protesting the Turkish prime minster and his government, great speeches were given and emotions were so high. Likewise few years back I recall thousands of Sri-Lankan Tamils were protesting, in fact for days demanding the Canadian government of intervene in the end phase of the war in Sri-Lanka. The war ended, everyone went home, never saw a Tamil soul in the parliament hill again (well at least not protesting). Recall seeing a huge Chinese protest/rally as well at the parliament hill, apparently they were pissed off with the Tibetans (perhaps the Dalai Lama was visiting town or something). And then you have your regular gay parades and whatnot demanding their equal rights. And today I saw a poster announcing a mega rally in support of the Palestinians in Gaza. Understandable, but as I was recalling all my past rally memories, I couldn’t help but ask “where are those former protesters, why aren’t they here”, I mean isn’t this issue equally important?

Obviously the Chinese rally and protest for their own issues, the Turks protest for their own issues, the Tamils were protesting against their own genocide, the Tibetans protest for their own rights, and now the Palestinians taking center stage. Obviously then the question to ask is: who is rallying for life itself? (not talking about pro-life nonsense here). I mean all of life, all of humanity, nature, animals, planet earth.

For me, it was bit of a turn off when I saw the notice “rally for Gaza”, I mean, I understand something terrible is unfolding over there currently, so should you feel the need to rally and protest, sure go ahead, but I am not into any rallies/protests anymore. One simple reason is: Isn’t this form of justice ‘ghetto justice’, they are only speaking for their ‘own’ people, and other people’s miseries, oh well, that’s their problem. I mean in that very same selfish logic, to me, Gaza is not my problem, its “their” problem. You see the problem with ghetto justice, we can discard 99% of humanity while clinging and demanding justice only for our own people.

Do you think the folks in Gaza once free and liberated will stand for any future genocides like what happened in Rwanda? Or the Palestinians who live here in Canada for that matter, will they rally and protest against the next Rwandan genocide? I highly doubt it given the ‘ghetto mentality’ we have.

Well, not too long ago, I was into ‘ghetto justice’ as well, as I only spoke and demanded justice for the Tamils in Sri-Lanka, the rest of humanity I couldn’t give a fuck, well, not that I was really selfish, but I was “only” focused on my “own” people.

After walking with desteni process of self-forgiveness and self-honesty, things have changed for me, I no longer have this ‘ghetto justice’ mentality, because the real issue is life. What we have to stop is the abuse against all life everywhere which includes, Gaza, Rwanda, the Tamils, the gays, the blacks, the Jews, the gentiles, the Tibetans, the most destitute of the native populations in northern Canada, and in fact, all of humanity. Otherwise your demand for justice is a temporary outburst and then you will disappear from the parliament hill as the story disappears from the mainstream media.

Solution: understand the real problems and stand for real solutions, and it wont’ be just a weekend rally thing, to stand for life, you must stand until heaven is in fact on earth, otherwise you’re a deluded bullshitter.

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