day 614: The power is you, not depression

self-forgivenessDepression can be powerful, so much so it can make you feel like ‘wanna end it all’. But it all starts with ‘thinking’, ‘thoughts’, ‘feelings’, ’emotions’ etc. Those are the building blocks of depression. I suppose at that level, one has the self-power to stop them. Even if you’re ‘prone’ to depression due to some ‘chemical imbalance’ as if depression is in your DNA, the very process of ‘thinking’ is still within your control. You can stop the thoughts from taking over you. Not easy of course, but it can be done.

Without self being the directive force, no other method/rehab will resolve depression. I mean you can goto any famous rehab you want, without your self-directive, self-will power, nothing is going to happen at the rehab. It will be a total waste of money. Then there is alcohol, drugs, and other addictions to tame the depression but those will make things only worse when the ‘high’ goes ‘down’. So we are back to that one thing that can cure depression: self-will, self-application, self-breathing here.

I mean you can’t stop an out of control car when the driver has fallen asleep. When the driver is fully awake and alert, other support systems can play their role, so the driver can bring the runaway car to a halt. The driving force is the driver, not anything else.

It’s raining outside, pretty gloomy, bit darkish, feelings of pity and regrets running inside, some what-if thoughts are circling around, in essence, I have the ingredients to start depression at this moment, but I could also just breathe and remain here, focus on the physical activities of this moment. Am I willing to breathe, or am I willing ‘think’ and sing the sad song? I suppose that’s where the self-power to stop depression kicks in.

Other day a friend was telling me after taking some prescribed medications as suggested by his family doctor, the guy went into some paranoid state 3-4 days later. Upon complaining to the doctor, who insisted to take the anti-depressant pills for upto 3 months to see good results. (obviously the doctor must be getting some kickbacks from the big pharma for pushing the pills no matter what, but that’s different story).

Anyways, my friend had enough common sense and self-will to say NO to the pills and stop them within 3 days. So there you have it, self-will is there, just like how he said NO to the pills upon seeing those strange paranoid moods within himself, he can also say NO to the very ‘thoughts’ running in his mind. It seems, somehow we have accepted and allowed the idea that our thoughts, since already running high, we can’t and shouldn’t stop them. That’s ignorance I would say: you must stop the thoughts, unless you are the director/starter of those thoughts. Those are random popups of the mind consciousness system used to grab your attention and suck physical energy out of your body. That’s how the mind works. But you can say NO and breathe though it. Obviously, this will require continuous and repeated self-application.

And this is my process as well, as I look around through the morning gloom, I can sense depression is in touching distance, as if its waiting for my approval to arrive. Face it, deal with it, look into it, breathe through it, and walk through it. No, not trying to beat depression with loud music or games or sex etc. I mean, beating depression is futile, it will return later, so cool to face it now, ground yourself here in the body with breathing. Then it gets easier next time until it’s no more, but that’s a long process.

However, it all starts with the thoughts that are here now, as that’s the step into either the long journey of depression, OR you could choose the journey to life, by simply breathing and remaining here. The power is you, not depression. Robin Williams like every human being in this world got the self-power to stop his thoughts, but he didn’t, so depression slowly but surely overtook him, leading to his suicide by hanging by a belt. I mean unlike shooting in the head, hanging take some ‘work’, it takes time, during which time he could have seen the unfolding madness and changed his mind, but no, depression gave enough gas to the end. So yes depression is powerful, only if you accept and allow it. Investigate the desteni tools, slowly but surely, you can take the power from your mind back to yourself.  

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