day 616: find solutions, create solutions.

self-forgivenessBreathe. Slow down as breath. Otherwise the mind is almost always possessed by emotions, and within such state no solution is possible, only more trouble. This is a great point of self-responsibility, to stabilize oneself here as breath/breathing. Even in the face of so-called ‘end of the world’, one must look for solutions, step by step, compartmentalized the problems, so to find solutions to each point, and not go into emotional mayhem.

Mind after all is not an enemy, in fact an assistant in the process to life, whatever the points that come up in the mind are chances to return to breath/body/physical here. This is a reminder to myself, a commitment to myself. Creating emotional/mind chaos because the ‘world is apparently ending’ only makes things worse. Causing turbulence in the mind is the job of the mind, and those are moments of gifts to stabilize myself here, not to follow the mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize whatever that comes up in my mind are chances for creating stability. I realize my mind is not at war with me, it is assisting me to stabilize here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize by going into emotional reactions, paranoia, I am only making things worse. Instead I direct myself to breathe and look for solutions, in a step by step manner, without giving into the hopelessness of the problems.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize the world is not falling apart, we are still here, within this I see/realize creating emotional turbulence is not the answer, instead look for solutions, create solutions.

‘world endings’ are great suckers of emotional energy, ‘everything is over, wrong, bad’, can consume a lot mind/energy, draining the physical body. So during moments of chaos, or ‘world endings’, I direct myself to stop and breathe, and look for solutions. Because after all, the world is still here, even if parts of it are being destroyed, most of this world is still here, from which, solutions can be created for the whole. But giving into apathy and hopelessness is no way to find solutions. In the process of finding solutions, prevention is there also, so future disasters can be avoided. This applies to both personal and world process.

So here, breathing. First and foremost, my responsibility is to stop my mind from spinning out of control on emotional energy. Breathing is my self-support. Then, step by step, problem by problem, find solutions.

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