Day 619: I don’t support ALS ice bucket challenge

imagesIf the disease is unheard of or rare like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you’re shit out of luck, no ice buckets, no research, you just die silently. Makes you wonder how something like #ALS in such short time able to ride the popular wave, as every tom, dick and harry is into #icebucket now. Trace the money line my friend.

So that’s why I don’t support this hype or any research funding for that matter, as you can always find evidence of scam/manipulation behind scenes. I support the Equal Life Foundation, here the goal is life, everyone, everywhere, and their research is how to create a world that is best for all. Now that’s a goal I stand with and will pour an ice bucket not just during the hot summer month of August, but even during the icy cold January (here in Ottawa/Canada it can go upto -30C during winter).

I am impressed how #ALS got everyone on their bandwagon. I suppose sheeps love to follow, like to feel special, so they will pour even a bucket full of dog shit, if they have to, such is the power of brainwashing. But to get them to understand ‘what is best for all’, is a steep challenge indeed.

But no blame, not too long ago, I didn’t give a fuck about ‘what is best for all’ either, it look me a long while, studying/reading/writing desteni materials to overcome my natural brainwashing, and its a long process. I am sure 10 years ago, I would have jumped right into this icebucket thing too, and would have posted my photos with pride and satisfaction, but thanks to desteni process, I am able to the see the #ALS icebucket for what it is: a bucket full of bullshit. Stand for everyone and everything, stand for all of life.

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