day 621: self-forgiveness is the key.

self-forgivenessI forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize, instead of quantifying my process through actively participating in process activities, I see that I am sort of ‘regressing’ somewhat, meaning getting lost in the mind again.

I noticed considerable slow down in the application of self-forgiveness speaking/writing on a regular basis, like when I drive alone, where I can use that time to speak some self-forgiveness to get myself out of the mind. If anything, I have to apply/live this process in every moment, not ‘slow down’ or regress.

So what is the corrective measure here? When and as I see myself ‘going back to the old ways’ like not giving myself the chance to speak self-forgiveness, I stop I breathe. I direct myself to see/realize, speaking/writing self-forgiveness is the foundation of this journey to life, everything else is built on top of self-forgiveness, because that’s where I “let go” and live the self-correction.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize, self-forgiveness is the foundational application to change myself first and foremost, as I write/speak self-forgiveness. Can’t ‘take a break’ from self-forgiveness, it is the basic tool of this journey to life, it is the tool that I must apply to FORGIVE MYSELF for real and change my life for real.

Also, this is a daily commitment to walk the process of self-forgiveness, forgiving myself daily, to let go of the mind, be here, breathe etc.

I direct myself to write/speak self-forgiveness everyday, even if I don’t share them, it is of assistance to me, to stop my mind. I mean, everyday so many points come up, so there are ample chances to take a minute or two, and speak a real self-forgiveness statement, I mean this could be done anywhere, don’t’ have to be a time-consuming process like blogging, it’s just a moment, to speak a statement.

So daily, I direct myself to speak self-forgiveness statements, at the same time, it’s also fine-tuning process to ‘get it right’, to properly hear my own sounding of my sf.

‘taking a break’ from self-forgiveness is a backdoor to ego, therefore I see/realize, daily speaking/writing of SF is a must, ‘no time’ is no excuse, there is always a minute or two, to speak a quick few lines of self-forgiveness, a quick eject button out of the mind. When I allow few days to go by without applying this tool, it tends to accumulate rather fast, and soon enough doing self-forgiveness becomes a very tough thing, so to cut that ‘negative accumulation’, I direct myself to speak SF daily, even if it is just a few lines, then I am constantly keeping at it not allowing the resistance to self-forgiveness grow. Also, taking on global/universal points is only possible when self is grounded firmly in self-forgiveness. cool.    

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