day 624: breathe

waterBreathing. Always nice to start writing with a breath. Breath-in, breathe-out. Take a pause. Slow down. Only then you can actually be here, otherwise, just on the run nonstop, that’s how the mind likes it. Certainly that rushing gives a sense of self-importance and self-accomplishment, progress etc. “oh yeh I am progressing, see how fast, nonstop I move”. My insanity apparently is a sign of progress.

Death on the other hand is the mother of all stop signs, she ends everything. Death is your second mother, she will give you birth into mindlessness where you will face yourself totally and take self-responsibility for yourself (and for the rest). But you can walk thru that rebirthing door before death, and that’s the good news. Desteni tools like writing, self-forgiveness, self-honesty, breathing, etc, are here to help, to quantify the process of self-rebirthing, I mean this gonna happen either way, here or in the hereafter. So time is very cruel, every moment is a chance to self-change, I mean, process doesn’t’ require allotted time-slots, every breath is a chance. Every noise, every conversation, every reaction, every thought, pop-up memory is a chance. Everything I face throughout my day is a chance to STOP and correct myself.

For me to be of any use to change this world, I have to first change myself, I have to be HERE totally, only then I can respond, take responsibility to this world, otherwise I will only be emotionally reacting to world-things, which will only fuel its monstrosities. So, self-change is absolutely important, good for self and good for everyone. And while you change the world you don’t’ have to live like a hermit in a cave, you can live a life of full potential, enjoy, celebrate, have fun, and create a world that is best for all. This earth is our inheritance, with everything and everyone in it, so it is our moral duty to preserve/care this earth, to bring back to its former glory, a home without any man-made abuse. Because right now, this is a hell-hole at least for vast majority of inhabitants including animals. So me changing myself has a direct contribution to bringing heaven on earth. So breathe. 

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