day 625: “9/11 terror is play of the Divine Mother” – Swami

9119/11 terror is play of the Divine Mother, however difficult it is for us to understand.Spiritual Master, aka Swami, Acharya.

Here is a great example of self-irresponsibility, where the self is hiding behind the “divine mother”, placing all responsibility in the hands of the divine. So my question is, what we as humans ought to do in this world, if for any and everything we place the responsibility in the hands of the divine? I mean certainly this divine mother doesn’t’ clean our backs in the mornings, then why would we want her to clean up this world? This is called giving up responsibility by hiding behind spirituality/religion. WTF.

9/11 terror happened because bunch of misguided humans decided to do so, they decided to harm life to achieve their objectives like we have been doing for ages, I mean look way back in history all the wars/counter-wars that have happened. We humans decided to do them, not some divine mother in the clouds.

Therefore, it is us, humans, must decide to stop creating hell on earth. 9/11s will only stop when we as humans decide to end terror/wars for once and for all.

Oddly enough, this process to birth heaven on earth starts with self ending self-terror by taking self-responsibility to change self. Don’t wait on some divine mother to change you, or to change this world. I denounce the nonsense of spirituality, and might as well denounce this divine mother whose apparent dance caused 9/11 terrors. How lunatic can this divine mother and her followers be?

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