day 630: compulsive thinking mind is like the compulsive news media

the purpose of lifeI forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize, the thinking-machine can throw in any story to keep me stuck in it, I mean the Mind Conscious System as part of its own survival will simulate and throw in anything, for me to keep at it, thinking. So getting ‘lost’ in it is absolutely insane, because clearly what I am thinking, the story is not something I am deliberately looking at as in self-investigation or planning, it’s just happening to me, uncontrolled and undirected.

This is exactly how the world media systems work, they just throw in things for us to ‘consume’ as then our entire attention is caught up within their agenda. Few months back I never heard of ISIS or ISIL or whatever the next big thing is, and the old absolutely terrible threatening Al-Qiada group is not much spoken about in the media nowadays, obviously not entirely vanished but its cashing power is down so in the background. No wonder our minds and the world systems are one and the same, they mirror each other. I mean this morning around 5am, I was possessed by some line of thought, in fact have been like this lately, clearly that’s not something I am directing or wanting to look at that ungodly hour, or anytime for that matter, yet I am consumed by it. Obviously the MCS knows what tickles my balls so well, so it can get the highest mileage (physical substance energy from my physical body).

Obviously I am responsible for participating in it and continue on with it instead of STOPPING and breathing. I mean the same shit with media, it has power only if allow to be ‘consumed’ by it, but the moment I realize it’s all part of their ‘agenda’ to keep me stuck in a per-designed emotional state so that they can throw in their views/advs/agendas etc, I am to some degree not affected by the media and instead can be part of the solution. Media works just like the mind (mind consciousness system).

So what is my responsibility here? Breathing, writing, self-forgiving, investigating solutions, reading, studying, expanding self-awareness etc. I mean I must first come out of my own robotic mind-existence before I can effectively participate in taking apart the world media/systems etc. The inner reflects in the outer.

So when and as I see myself getting stuck in some terribly ‘breaking news’ like thinking patterns within myself at some ungodly hour, I stop, I breathe and bring myself back to the physical. I am here, I breathe-in, hold, and breathe-out. I realize continuous automatic mind participation has its consequence, hence stopping the mind is in my best interest, otherwise this hellhole will continue.

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