day 642: From a scary mind to Life force where all is Equal

HumanI just listened to an awesome interview by eqafe titled ‘stuck in coma – part 8′. I suggest everyone listen to this. Here a Being from the hereafter speaks about ‘life-force’ that is equal in all of us, which is currently at a dormant state but slowly awakening. This awakening can only happen as “I get to know myself, my mind”, and there are no shortcuts. Have to know your mind in grand detail, hence this journey to life process, the desteni-I-Process, desteni-I-Process-lite etc etc, are all to support and assist to ‘get to know thyself, thymind’, within that enabling the re-birthing of that ‘real life force/source’.

This so-called life force has been always here but dormant, and now for the ‘longest time’, it’s awakening through us as we walk this process/journey to life. This is the re-birthing process. Why is this important? Well, for one, we will begin to see each other as ourselves and that will move us to create a world that is best for all. I mean once that ‘equality and oneness’ is recognized, it’s a whole new life. Also, you cannot rush to re-birthing, there is no quick way, no fast track for the rich and the famous, you still have to write your shit out, and walk your mind in details. And certainly there are no “I found Jesus”, or “I am saved” moments in this process, you have to put in the hard-work to get to know thymind as thyself. You could say this is the greatest purpose to life, to walk a process to birth self as real life source, in that enabling the birthing of a new world that is best for all.

I mean we have piled up enough shit on this earth for a long time now, all that must come to an end, this abuse simply cannot continue. So us changing ourselves, re-birthing ourselves is not a spiritual goal like those who are searching for enlightenment or nirvana, we change ourselves to create a world that is best for all, as within so without. So this eqafe interview is extremely important, I mean it will remind you of your own full life potential, you’re not just a scary mind walking around which is what you’re now, with your real life force dormant, awaiting to awoken up as yourself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear and resist walking my mind out in great detail. 

I forgive myself to fear getting to know myself as my mind in that sort of hide and pretend while a great potential of life is awaiting for me, as me. Within this I see/realize currently I am not even alive, I can’t say ‘I am life’, if anything I am a total system, a scary mind walking around just trying to survive in this dog eat dog world.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize this life force is equal in all of us, hence our potential is equal, its only matter of accessing it through walking a lengthy process to get to know thyself.

Here is a chance to get to know myself as that life source, as that life force, yet I deny that to myself and continue to live the life of a scary mind, I mean that doesn’t make sense. Because I am pre-programmed to live in separation from myself, and from others, I am designed to live like a scary mind. So it will take an extensive process of daily writing, DIP writings etc etc to unwrap the mind in its grand details. In that birthing myself over time, the full potential of me as real-life source/force. This is already visible in some people who are walking this process, you can see bits of new life potential within them emerging (as per the Being via the portal who observed this).

Bernard is a being who embodied this life force/source to a greater degree if not entirely as to my observation. Perhaps that’s why in the presence of Bernard there is a sense of oneness/equality and ease, I mean this is remarkable and noted by so many. Bernard has shown the absolute potential for us all by living and walking among us as the way he did, and his written and recorded words still continue to support us. So I suggest giving that eqafe interview a short, its pretty cool to be reminded of our potential, this journey, the purpose of this journey etc, here the purpose/goal is not an achievement point like those that are promoted in the world system or religious systems, rather as living and realizing this full life potential that is here for us all equally as ourselves.

So back to myself yes always back to myself. I commit myself to walk my mind, to get to know myself, I realize my time is in short supply (i.e. death is always around the corner), so while I am still here in my physical body, I realize wasting my time in mundane things is stupid, so I direct myself to get to know myself as my mind in great details, in that enabling my re-birthing process. I realize the self-realization of equality and oneness is only possible when I re-birth myself as that life-force/source, but for now as a scary mind ‘equality and oneness’ is only an idea for me, nothing more.

I mean how awesome is it to realize that everyone and everything here is of the same life force/source as you. Then will war, rape, murder, starvation, unemployment, homelessness, poverty, abuse, animal slaughter ever be possible? Will you rape another as yourself? Will you kill another as yourself? We are living in an insane world right now, because all of us are scary minds, running around like little shit-heads in fear, shooting and killing each other in separation from each other, while a real life source/force exist within us all equally. So cool, check it out, don’t’ miss out on your own life potential here/now, or you might to have wait till your life-review to realize this, which might be bit too late.

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RIP #PhilHughes

philToday we heard the sad news of the Australian cricketer #PhilHughes who passed away due to severe head injuries caused by the cricket ball. Totally freakish and unlikely accident to be hit by a bouncer to death.

While the body returns to the physical, #life continues in the hereafter understanding, self-realizing and taking self-responsibility to create a world that is best for all, so no more deaths due to starvation, murder, war, poverty, homelessness etc. While we mourn the untimely demise of Phil, we recall that nearly 21,000 children die daily due to hunger or related diseases, we can prevent those. I am certain Phil will be batting now for that cause, to create a world that is best for all.

Here listen to many who are speaking from the hereafter.

RIP #PhilHughes and stay strong #SeanAbbott.