day 644: Triple murder, suicide in Toronto.

familyCertain “writer’s block” as I sit to write this morning, within that easy to say “there is nothing to write about”. I forgive myself for thinking and believing that I have nothing to write about. Yet when I look around there are so many things happening in this world, so can’t give the excuse that I don’t’ have anything to write about. So let’s look at this news item from Toronto, Canada about 5 hours from where I live.

Earlier this week a triple murder was reported in Toronto, a mother and her 2 sons, aged 13 and 8 were killed in their apartment home, and later a man was found dead by jumping off a bridge, police have now confirmed him to be the father of the family, age 50. She had been living in a shelter home for the abused women and apparently returned back to her husband etc, the details are not very clear, but all in all one can speculate that loads of problems, starting with emotional/relationship problems and compounded by financial stress, plus having to raise two growing boys and all the social pressures this could bring.

I mean growing kids alone can bring a lot of pressure to the families, from baby sitting to taking them to school/extra curricular activities, participating in their education, to their friend’s parties etc etc, can put a lot pressure on the family both time-wise and money-wise. And top of that if there is an ongoing war between the spouses possibly without any support from others, things can easily compound to a point of no return such as violence or abuse. In this case of course, the lives of 4 people were taken by this human mess, 3 murders and self committing suicide.

So here is the million dollar question, who is responsible for this? The easy answer is of course the man, I mean after all, he could have just walked away with a cup of coffee and saved the lives of 4, but no, he decided to kill his wife, and his two little children and himself, a massive mind possession indeed. So clearly can’t take the responsibility away from his hands.

But we would be blind only to blame the man and not ask the question why can’t we as a society have a system that would prevent such madness in the first place. A system that both supports and effectively intervenes in such family turmoils to create harmony and/or amicable separation. As a society we have failed to save this family from death, so from that perspective everyone is equally responsible for this triple murder-suicide. I am not talking about doing more charity to poor people or abused women, or families in distress etc, rather creating an overall system upgrade where at least a basic living income is provided, at least the financial stresses of having to survive is removed. And even the so-called social support for families to overcome their disputes is rather useless, we have failed to empower people to heal themselves, to correct/change themselves, and to live their lives in a way that is best for themselves and best for all.

I am envisioning a system where we can provide effective counseling, teaching tools for partners to walk/correct their family issues, in addition, taking care of their basic living income needs. I am not saying killings will entirely stop, some will push their emotional demons to the point of no return like this man, but certainly we can reduce the numbers. As a society, we are responsible to create a system that is best for all, this triple murder-suicide is a reminder how failed we are, stuck in our little bubbles of happiness while the world is going to the dogs every day.

So, be part of the correction, study the desteni message, we have got the tools and proposals for a world that is best for all, in fact how to bring heaven on earth. You will agree with me, there is absolutely no need for this murder-suicide, a young woman just 43 years old, with two little kids, a whole life is waiting for her, but it was cut short, by our individual mind/emotional demons and by our system, obviously as within so without, the system is us, we created it.

The queen of England other day sent her condolence to Phil Huges family in Australia after the young cricketer died from being hit by the cricket ball, as the story hit the entirely cricket world, but I wonder how many will learn about this young family, where four lives were lost. This is not a heroic popular story like Phil Huges where even the queen is moved to write about, but the reality is this story says a lot about our individual and collective nature, what we have accepted and allowed within and without. So be a voice for change.

My deepest condolence to this family. RIP.    

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