Day 648: Holidays starting today (only if you got Money)

Shop fronts of Burger King and McDonald'sXmas break starts today. I suppose for some it wouldn’t mean a thing, if you’re out of work, or lost in perpetual poverty, the term ‘holidays’ can’t mean a thing as you’re on a permanent holiday trying to survive in this world, worrying about the next meal.

Holidays are for the elite, even the low-income people here in Canada can’t really get a nice long holiday, without pay may be, then how can you call it a holiday. Recently I was chatting with this person (a minimum wager), she wasn’t very keen about next 2 weeks off, because it’s not a paid holiday for her, except for few days may be, because when you live cheque to cheque, no pay for a week or more can really hurt.

And top of that there is the Christmas shopping madness, with whatever little she earns, now have to worry about buying bullshit gifts to make everyone happy in her family/extended family. Once you’re poor, it’s very hard to get out of that cycle, like a disease it will spread to others as well, there is a good chance her children must be living an impoverished life, I am guessing here. I mean you just have to do the basic math, there is no secret 10$-11$ an hour minimum wage is not going to buy you a lot.

Then the unemployed bums, trying ever so hard to get some employment, even a minimum wage one. Because you see, after months and months of staying home, certain depression grows in you, a sense of worthlessness and uselessness, ‘oh nothing to do, nowhere to go, no money to even have a cup of coffee’, forget about xmas vacations for these guys. The social welfare cheque will only buy you so much.

This is another myth buster, those who really believe that should we grant a Living Income for all, unconditionally, that some if not most will resign their jobs and stay home eternally, well, this is not so, extended periods of ‘nothing to do’, can lead to severe mental and emotional agony. So employment is not just a source of income, but its a way to keep us occupied/engaged in activity. I mean even if I hit the 10 million dollar lotto this weekend, I will still keep my full-time job, I wouldn’t know what to do with my endless free time otherwise. Boredom is unbearable after a while, so a job, even a part-time one is great therapy.

That’s why I called it a myth buster, granting a living Income for all is to end poverty/suffering etc, it will not turn people into bored full-time TV watchers for their whole lifespans. How fucked up is to believe in such nonsense. Whereas when you grant a living Income, humanity will raise up, out of fear of survival, poverty, worry, anxiety, now we can really do something and contribute to this world.

So cut the brainwashing, and investigate solutions like basic-income or living-income within that everyone can have a decent xmas break, a time to enjoy, relax, and return back to ‘work’ in the new year, where you can learn, grow, and participate in creating this world a better place. I mean right now, we are just surviving, no real enjoyment or contribution.

Even though my elitist xmas break starts today, there is a hidden fear of job loss,  it could happen in January, you see that’s why we need an unconditional living Income not matter what. One thing for sure, I cant’ stay home and be bored for long, I have to get back to work, and I also like holidays, everyone should get one without hidden fears of running out of cash like the lady I mentioned before. She will be very nervous this xmas. And for those without any job, it must be hell. We can change this, join us. 

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