day 656: Purpose

images‘Purpose’ is something we have been discussing as a group, so more to come on this. For now, some self-forgiveness about my own purpose.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be sort of worried that I don’t have a purpose as such.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think ‘may be something is wrong with me’ for not having a purpose.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to connect purpose to grand things, larger than life things, within that believe that I don’t have a purpose, a grand purpose.

I forgive myself for just drifting along in life without any self-direction or ‘self-purpose’.

I forgive myself for never giving myself a purpose other just sticking to day-to-day stuff.

I have been sticking to ‘normal’ stuff and only that. I mean everyone does those ‘normal’ day-to-day things, can they form a purpose? Obviously, first things first, otherwise your purpose is more like a fantasy. How can you have a purpose without a roof over your head or food on your table? So first things always first, giving “system stability”, but to limit oneself to just ‘system stability’ is unfortunate.

Once ‘system stability’ is there, have to look beyond it for a ‘greater’ purpose, that which is best for self and best for all. I have been walking with desteni whose purpose is existential, life, and beyond, and above all practical. So that’s like a general purpose I have also given to myself, rather acquired for myself from desteni, but still not a living purpose arising within and as me, so that’s something I still have to investigate and nourish.

I mean everyone can understand a world that is best for all is a great purpose, but what is my specific contribution, direction, action, creation, leadership within it? So that’s where you narrow down your purpose in specificity within a larger than life purpose. I suppose there is the concept of ‘role’, i.e. what is my role? vs. what is my purpose? A sports team has the purpose of winning the cup, yet each player has a specific role to achieve that purpose. So role becomes clearer as the purpose is clear.

And then align with that greater purpose to your own life purpose, like 2 wheels of a bike in alignment heading in the same general direction. Obviously if your purpose and your greater purpose don’t’ match you may end up being a very confused person. A religious person has the singular purpose of going to ‘heaven’ and spending eternity with GOD, I mean that’s not very hard to see, otherwise why would you pray 5 time a day and waste all that time and effort, for what? Yet the same religious individual’s personal life purpose may not be in alignment to his greater purpose.

So one thing is clear, my purpose, both on a personal level and greater level is practical, here on earth, making a difference to myself and life on earth for all. Going to hell or heaven has nothing to do with my purpose whatsoever, or my greater purpose. We stick to what is practical, here, realistic etc.

So then what is my own purpose, and what is the greater purpose I am in alignment with? Desteni’s purpose gives some direction, I still need to find it within me, live it, align it, etc, so this is a work-in-progress, finding my purpose.

I forgive myself for feeling like I am lost without a purpose.

I forgive myself for seen myself as less-than for not having a great purpose.

I forgive myself for just drifting along in life, like a leaf caught in the wind.

I forgive myself for not seen/realizing I have been waiting for a purpose, instead of giving it to myself, and then living it.

I am also clear that I have to be ‘here’ meaning can’t get lost in the mind, so again first things first, giving myself stability by being HERE is first and foremost before I venture into finding a ‘greater purpose’. Even to align with desteni’s purpose one has to be “HERE”, stable, breathing, not caught up in the winds of emotions etc, only then, you’re able to find a greater purpose.

So all the little things, normal things are not discounted in my search for a greater purpose, I still have to breathe, be here, eat, sleep, rest, blog, vlog, etc, all that normal things before I can venture out. Always stick to the basics only then finding a greater purpose is possible, practical and of any use to self and others.

Awesome to investigate on this ‘purpose’ point, where is my life heading, which direction, for what reason, for what purpose, what is my role, what is my contribution, and lastly, what is the mark I will leave as I die away someday?

If I may ask, what is your purpose? What have you been living for? where is your life heading? what is your role, what is your contribution, what is the mark you will leave as you die away someday? 

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