day 662: what to write about

tenseCool blog I read today about ‘what to write about‘. This is a point I often face myself, asking what I must write about, and should I write about the same points over and over again, fearing that would lead a very boring blog. Here I must remind myself, I write to right myself thru self-writing, not some show-and-tell thing. So as I see/realize and understand my points, I write to investigate, explore, and expand on them. As the author says, even if a million times should you have to write to right yourself, so be it. Write until you get it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hold myself back from writing, within the fear that I often write along the same lines, same points. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hold myself back from writing about similar points within the fear that I may bore the readers by writing about the same shit, not seeing/realizing I write about same points over and over till I resolve/correct them. I mean, this is not a show and tell, yes this is a sharing of my process, points I face personally, points in the interpersonal and within the world systems. Within this I see/realize some points or rather most of them will be ‘same shit’ again and again.

Within this I let go of the desire to write ‘awesome’ and ‘interesting’ blogs for the readers, and remind myself this is my journey to life, my correction process, walking from consciousness to self-awareness, from heaven/mind to earth/body. So within this, if I have to write 100 times about a point, I write them. Whereas not writing is easy to do, and the mind would love it, that’s journey of the mind, avoiding, putting off, fearing etc. There is no shame in writing about the same shit over and over again, whereas hiding the shit is far more consequential. So I direct myself write regardless of how interesting or boring my blog is, regardless of how repetitive my points are, because I see/realize here I write to right myself, this is not some daily gossip column to entertain the readers, well who knows, the journey to self-correction can be an entertaining/fun thing too. so I direct myself to expand, explore, investigate points that I face, within this I see ‘what to write about’ has always been an excuse for me, so not valid.     

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