day 665: All consuming memories

scream-headerToday I listened to an awesome interview, blinded by reactions, this is an eye opener. Basically, this being realized for herself how one memory had defined her entire life, and how much emotions, feelings and energy were vested in that one memory. Even though she had a pretty decent life, but this one memory had a ‘consuming’ effort. I strongly suggest you listen to it.

Following the interview, I asked myself, what about my life, how many ‘consuming memories’ do I have? Through my desteni-I-process I have walked a good number of memories, in relations to some influential persons in my life, still I realize I have loads other memories that I have not yet touched. I mean, there could lie some ‘consuming memory’ that I have not looked at. So within this, I see/realize that I should dig up more memories, in this not to blame or scold anyone, but to see/realize and understand how things have played out etc, and to let go of the ‘self-victim’, ‘wrong has done unto’ me like feelings, thoughts etc.

I mean otherwise, these memories could linger around and even contribute to physical conditions. So to ‘let it go’, you have to write, investigate, and see for yourself the whole play, you can’t just blindly say ‘OK I let go of my memories’. You have to walk thru the process, apply the tools and then with self-realization you can let go of those memories.

This is something I have to take it upon within my private writings, or even completely personal writings. The point is to investigate all memories and let them go. I commit myself to investigate and write all my memories, the ‘heavy emotional stuff’ that I carry within myself, that I know it’s there buried silently, just haven’t looked at them yet. Time to dig things up a bit. (Note here sharing of one’s intimate memories in public blog is not required, it’s for you to see/realize and let go). 

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