day 666: “Funny Money”

zombie-demonsFor context listen to this awesome presentation about Funny Money.

Day number 666 should be an interesting one, isn’t it, the mark of the beast, and what could be a greater beast than money, in whose name the entire world moves. Money is also called the currency because it is the current of the system, it powers and energizes the world, and whose wrath is all out there to see, the mark of the beast is everywhere.

As mentioned above in the Funny Money, the suffering money inflicts, both with money and without, is something we must pay attention to and find solutions for. Nearly 21,000 children die daily due to hunger or hunger related diseases, and all the money we waste on wars, corruptions etc is more than enough to take care of all the inflicted sufferings in this world.

The power of money, the power of the beast is something we have to take responsibility for and direct to create a better world. No point blaming any persons or groups or countries, this is a collective disease, we have created a gigantic casino, all in the name of profits while life is left to rot and turned into a commodity, you’re only good as long as you’re profitable. If you’re skilled enough to earn something/anything, then you can survive somewhat otherwise you’re shit out of luck, this beast will show you no mercy.

Yet we blame those who are unable to earn anything, we assume they must be lazy or bums or as unworthy just because they cannot earn a living. Why would 21,000 children die daily in this world? Is it simply because their parents are lazy, uneducated bums who are so unfit to find a job in this world? There is a tendency blame those are at the rock bottom, not seeing/realizing, their poverty is systematic and structural, I mean how can you find a job when there are none? How can you get an education when finding food, or survival is at risk? These are some of the excuses we hear “those lazy bums, why can’t they get an education, get a job”, as if education is so freely available to them like oxygen. The system/money is a beast, unmerciful, not here to support all life. So this is something we can and have to change. I mean how many children will have to die daily before you say, it’s time to change the nature of this beast into something benevolent.

I for one stand for a world where every human being is supported to live a dignified life, while at the same time allowing the spirit of capitalism to reward the hard-workers, innovators, investors etc, obviously not the current form of predatory capitalism which has no regards for anything whatsoever, so a long road ahead. I invite you investigate the #LivingIncome and the desteni message, because it is us who must decide our future, this world is us, this beast is us, me, you, we created this beast as ourselves so we can certainly change it.

Money is Funny, no wonder marriage is called a matrimoney, and your honey will remind you how funny money is if you don’t spend enough. I used to play this game a lot, used money to influence relationships, friendships etc, all to be liked by them, and funny thing is, it never worked. So I suggest better to stand as equals on money matters within your relationships, let a common pot grow for the best of all in the partnership, as in agreement basis, not as in buying your honey with your money. Yes money is a funny thing because it has the power to decide EVERYTHING in your life, and who cares about the only real thing that matters, life.    

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