day 669: bad morning mood

voiceDaily self-forgiveness.

I forgive myself for waking up with this heavy mood within myself.

I forgive myself for thinking and believing that I am not a morning person therefore its only normal I have this ‘bad mood’ in the mornings as I wake up.

I forgive myself for justifying my moods.

I forgive myself for giving power to this mood and feeling like I am dis-empowered by this mood.

I forgive myself for not seeing/realizing this could be a sign of bad nutrition to which I have not taken any steps to consult an expert, to check on whats lacking in my body etc.

I forgive myself for only complain about my morning moods but not take any actions to correct/investigate it.

I forgive myself for not seeing/realizing that directing myself for physical activities in the mornings is a cool way to cut the mood instead of just sitting and thinking about it.

I direct myself to investigate this point and bring it to a resolution.

I direct myself to consult an expert on this, to get a full body checkup to enhance my nutrition.

I direct myself for some morning physical movements right after waking up, instead of thinking about why I am in a bad morning mood.

I forgive myself for blaming the mood not seeing/realizing mood is something I allow, and accept.

I forgive myself for not seeing/realizing that I have given this mood a rock solid state, believing that it is here permanently, within that go into blame and fear when I see myself in a morning mood.

Fearing and blaming ain’t going do anything. It is here, so breathe, drink ample water, I mean fighting it, feeling low about it is not the way. There is a tendency to blame and be upset when negative emotions are in the mind. I highly recommend an eqafe interview in this regard, it touches on negative emotions, and its role, essentially the design of human mind is to generate negative emotions, which were once pumped up to the heavens, and they become ‘positive energy’ as they accumulate. (This is not so anymore, the design of heaven is no more, that’s a long story, you will have to visit the site and read a lot to understand the whole picture).

So within this understanding, I see/realize battling or fighting against this bad morning mood, or feeling even more bad about it, is not the way, ever since I can remember I woke up with a bad morning mood, it was the design of my mind, which I can stop now. 

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