day 670: When parents die, after death taxes, funeral planning and MONEY

the purpose of lifeImagine talking to your aging parents about their death, #AfterDeathTaxes, #inheritance, #funeralExpenses etc. Here is a brief summary of things I found from the internet: Btw, it’s all about MONEY. From Living to Dying, its all about MONEY. Anyways, enjoy reading this list, you probably have to know this shit. Life shouldn’t be this worrisome, living should be stress free, and certainly dying should be stress free, just reading this list makes me faint, possibly will push me into the grave a bit faster, that’s the nature of things in this current world systems. So let’s change it with a #LivingIncome for All where living and dying can be a dignified, stress free ride.

Following list I borrowed and modified a bit, what I would like to add to it is, funeral cost, which can be hefty, I knew a family who spent nearly 35,000$ for a grand family funeral, the ego had to have that final grand exit. SO be careful, plan it for your aging parents, otherwise you will be stuck last minute with shark funeral directors/agents like car salesmen will milk you out of your emotions by selling you an extravagant funeral to send off your deceased parent.

My father is 83, I have already spoken to few funeral services and got down to 7500$ for everything (honorable and basic), still not finalized (as still not sure how other family members thinking about this, may be they want a grand send off for my dad). You see, it’s the egos of the living more than dead who like to have the grand funeral. The dead man doesn’t care about his going away party, it’s the living who has the Fun out of the FUNeral which is very costly and utterly stupid.

1. Where do you keep your will or trust?
2. Where are your important papers kept?
3. Do you have a safe or safe deposit box?
4. Do you have any special directions for me regarding how your assets are to be distributed
5. What sort of assets do you have? (Real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, life insurance)
6. Do any of your beneficiaries owe you money?
7. Will there be enough cash available to deal with foreseeable expenses and taxes?
8. If there will be estate taxes due and payable, what assets will be used to pay for this?
9. Is there any life insurance? If so, who is the beneficiary? Where is the policy?
10. Are there other assets that will pay death benefits? If so, how do I claim these?
11. Who are the designated beneficiaries on IRAs, annuities, and other such assets?
12. What are the names, addresses and phone numbers of all your beneficiaries?
13. What are the names, addresses and phone numbers of your accountant, attorney, investment advisor, insurance agent?
14. Do you have a cemetery plot or prepaid mortuary arrangements?
15. Are you planning to disinherit any of your children?
16. If you keep your financial records on a computer, please provide details and password.

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