day 671: no thoughts

the purpose of lifeI forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that when I sit, walk, sleep, work on Earth – breathing – WITHOUT participating in my MIND, NO FEAR EXISTS.” – Bernard Poolman‘s blog

Be here. Thoughts can create a castle inside the mind, a castle full of characters, doing/saying various things, expressions, but in it all, I remain just an observer, creating yet another castle full of fury/excitement or anticipation, wanting or resisting the other characters. But when I stop thinking, all castles in the mind collapses and I remain here, breathing, with my physical body. Sometimes, this is an absolute necessary to stop thinking the thoughts, just no short cut to explain it. If you want to stop suffering, you just stop thinking. Not talking about suffering like hunger or thirst, in that case, go grab some food, or think about what to cook etc. I am talking about constructions of the mind, those that are based on desires, fears, what-ifs, memories, yearnings, etc, things that are NOT HERE, so I really cant’ do much about them, other than “create” them thru thinking. So here not thinking is a miracle pill that stops the suffering in a breath.

There are 7+ billion people on earth, and everyone got something going, doing or saying whatever, and I don’t “think” about what they are all upto, yet few consume my mind, their whereabouts/expressions, etc, in that creating a castle of characters and another full emotions for me to dwell in. When I stop the thinking, there is silence and I am here. I am here.

In this I forgive myself for not seeing/realizing, when I stop the thinking, no fear exists, no worry exists, no sadness exists, no animosity exists, no desires exists, no regret exists, no blame or guilt exists, no lack exist, as all those are constructions of the mind, created by thinking and thoughts.

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