day 672: Authority figures

policeTo me authority directly links to fear, meaning, those whom I fear have authority over me. Starting from school days, teachers, then parents all had serious authority over me because I feared their power to beat me up. Back in the day, discussions were hard to come by, if your authority figures were upset with you for whatever reason, they could simply use physical abuse as a justifiable and acceptable means to deal with you.

So their authority was unquestionable, and whatever they taught was unquestionable, things like faith in some GOD in the sky. Imaging a kid in Pakistan asking questions about the Islamic faith, which I am sure would be dealt with severely. Just asking the question would get you into trouble, regardless of the nature of the question. The rule is unquestionably accept your authority figures. Hence we have a dumb down human race, at least from the South Asian part of the world. This is nothing personal, it is a generational thing, passed down from the ages.  As adults, money matters decide who has the authority, obviously the boss is the boss, because he/she can decide your financial fate, hence poses immense authority over you.

Then there are the silent authority figures like the subtle messages we all have been brainwashed by, like “capitalism is the best”, “bailing out the corporation is good, but bailing out the family is evil communism”, believe it or not, these are not just “messages” but they act like authority figures in your mind, that’s why the moment you question Capitalism you will be attacked, like an automatic attack system, giving no room for any common sense investigation/questioning of Capitalism. It’s like we can’t even consider an upgrade to Capitalism, something like a #LivingIncome or #BasicIncome, you would be considered a red evil. Because certain message have been implanted as “policemen in your head”, as authority figures.

Lastly, the thoughts in your head, any random thought is a figure of authority, because it can totally posses you. So this is the nature of authority, subtle or not, rules your life. I am not talking about the laws of the land or law enforcement figures, who also got authority, but that’s more like a direct, physical, practical authority, not a play on your mind. If you run over a red traffic light, you will get a fine, sure that’s also authority which is not we’re talking about here.

Reasons for obedience comes from either common sense or deep-seated fear of authority. I don’t run thru a red light, to me that’s common sense, big fine plus I am only putting myself and others at risk. That’s common sense and we need such system of practical authority for management sake, however when I suck up to my boss at work, that’s done out of deep-seated fear of authority, fear of not having money, fear of getting fired, and all that. The type of surrender to authority you experience in your daily life must be investigated and removed.

I will continue on my self-forgiveness on my next blog, as it’s time to goto work now, otherwise the authority figures at work will note me coming late which would be consequential. Common sense also to attend to work on time.

Self-authority as in self-direction, considering what is best for all, could be the real authority, wouldn’t you say so? 

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