day 674: water crisis

waterWater crisis is a serious problem, life depends on water. I am not scientifically qualified to write about this brewing water crisis unfolding in places like Egypt (yes the land of the Nile), or the state of California or numerous other places around the globe. But looking at it in common sense, you can see that not much is done from our political or business leadership to resolve this problem.

If prevention is the best cure, I don’t see what steps are being taken to prevent a disaster from striking us. Like life depends on water, lots of profits depend on water as well, so there you have it, making profits at any cost could cost us life too if we were to continue disregard this life-giving resource.

Some CEOs even claim that water is not a basic human right as such, but only a commodity to be traded like food stuff, so you can imagine the consequences with that kind of capitalistic approach to water. Obviously, at individual levels, self-responsibility plays a huge role as well, otherwise, water crisis will be a real disaster not just what you see in movies.

During my childhood days back in Sri-Lanka, I recall facing water crisis very personally. After the ethnic riots, we moved to the capital city, where our home was located at a hilltop, meaning, municipal water was hard to come by, all day basically there wont’ be any or very little water on your taps. So the solution was to gather drinking water at pre-dawn, here I remember how difficult life was, having to get up around 4am to collect and store water for the rest of the day. My dad attained to this very laborious task, then after a small rest he would get ready to goto his day job. I say laborious because buckets would have to be carried uphill from a location where water was available, this happens when there is simply no water at hilltop public taps.

Likewise, in the norther city of Mannar in Sri-Lanka, people depend on water bowser trucks for their daily water quotas. Add war situations to this, you have a real-life disaster at any given time. These water bowser trucks are government controlled, so at any given time, it can be used as a weapon against the Tamils in these northern cities. No documented evidence against such abuse of water, but not hard to imaging the militarization of water, a good topic for citizens of Gaza to write about.

So, responsibility at all levels, be it businesses, politics, or personal, we all have to take responsibility for our co-existence, and we all have to be alive first, even the politicians drink water, so goes without saying, managing water, preserving water, is a matter of life and death. At least enough movies from Hollywood remind us about this, but let’s not wait for Holywater, let’s act, educate ourselves, and find responsible solutions to this brewing disaster.

You don’t have to be a scientist to see the seriousness of this, its common sense, life depends on water. Please investigate following links for perspective on water crisis reporting from the state of California:

Movie Disasters vs. Real Life Disasters by Christine Hansen … sters.html

Movie Disasters vs Real Disasters by Andrea T
https://atruthseekersjourneyintolife.wo … disasters/

Lots of cool solutions shared in this video as well:
Questioning the Climate Change “Emergency” with Benjamin Deniston

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